27 October 2015

Top 5 Cruelty Free Nail Polish Brands

The results of ridding my non-cruelty free nail polishes have meant that my collection has become a lot more limited, but in fact no lacquer love has been lost as the majority of my favourites fall into the group of paints I now choose to use. Win win. To give you a little insight to some more brands that you'll be seeing more of from me from now on, I've picked out my top five favourites that have the cruelty free stamp of approval, some even vegan and  with non-harmful formulas. Some you may recognise, some may be new - so let me run you through... 

Deborah Lippmann. As celeb manicurist, DL extended her talon painting talents for all the fashionable magazines to her very own lacquer line and her offerings are up there as one of the most luxe; made up of treatments for hands, feet and nails to a range over 70 shades altogether. From nudes to all kinds of chunky, glitter hues, the colour line is insane, but best of all, her formulas are 7 free-from, meaning there's none of the toxins that are found regularly in polish, are not tested on animals and are treatment enriched for healthy tips.

HJ Manicure. I recently handed a whole post here to this brand - as a new discovery, they've won me over pretty quickly. Only 20 shades make up the range though each one is simply beautiful and classic, my favourite being 'Lace' - but what I love most is that all are cruelty-free, vegan friendly and 5 free-from. Luxurious, yet affordable at under £10 a bottle, there's actually a whole lot of product to come being almost 15ml; creamy, glossy, long lasting and opaque, they tick every box. Fancy a try? You can still grab 25% off with code JESSICA25 until the end of November.

Butter London. Quirky shade names aside, Butter London have an awesome wearable range of colours with a select few funky hues thrown into the mix. Formula wise, they're easy to apply, 5 free-from, last longtime with minimal chips in a space of 7 days (and then some) - their new 4X Patient Shine formulas being a whole other level of glossy when it comes to the finish too. As well as the colour line, their treatments, bases and topcoats are incredible - I have so much love for their Hardwear P.D.Quick Topcoat. It's top stuff, literally. 

Ciate. Not only has this brand got it down with their packaging, cute bows and all, they just bring it with each and every collection as well as their main lacquer line - they've recently teamed up Olivia Palmero and let me tell you, the range is all kinds of beautiful, in particular the nail shade 'Sunday's'. I think there must be every colour going, their paints a dream to work with and I'm forever excited to see what's next up their sleeve - can we just talk about the Mini Month Advent Calendars for Christmas?!

Barry M. When it comes to drugstore price tags  there's not a lot out there CF but Barry M's nail paints are the best of the best. Affordable, incredible and a shade range to suit everyone, (Raspberry is awesome for autumn FYI), they bring it with a variety of finishes and formulas and a fab makeup selection that runs alongside - you can't go wrong.

With my top five CF nail polish faves out there, give me the nod if you'd like more posts along these lines when it comes to makeup, skincare etc etc. and what you would be most interested to see, because I for one am up for that...

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