11 October 2015

The Body Shop Spa of The World

If there's ever a product launch to get excited over, for me it's all things new and exciting from TBS. It's where my beauty obsession first started, they bring it each and every time when it comes to a fresh release - their latest and greatest featuring oils, creams, muds and  scrubs allowing you to recreate spa days at home - it doesn't get anymore exciting than that. The Spa of The World collection is inspired by beauty rituals around the globe and there's three to go by, whether you're in need of a routine that's relaxed, revitalised or a little more blissful. I'll go with all three, but to give you an idea, here are a handful of my loves from the line that make up my very own #spathroom...

To kick off my pre-shower routine, I've been slathering my legs, arms and tum in the Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay, a mineral-heavy mud which soaks up excess oil and water allowing the skin to tighten over time. I pack it on, leave for 10 mins to set before rinsing off in-shower using circular motions all over. The results? A more toned and firmer appearance whilst leaving you feeling revitalised body and mind thanks to the slight minty, tingly sensation left behind - it doesn't leave things feeling dry, but instead nicely nourished, smooth and soft. Post-shower I've been loading up on the Japanese Camellia Cream, a rich hit of moisture with a light, velvet-like texture that hydrates and leaves limbs lingering in delicate, calming camilla, used by women all over Japan as a way of softening the skin and relaxing. Best of all this larger-than-life sized tub will last long time, not only because a little of the grease-free formula goes along way, but also because I've never seen a body lotion quite as large like it. 

For more of a treat I've been alternating between two of the massage oils, Thai Lemongrass, my personal fave, and French Lavender, both delivering different results. Used traditionally in Thai massage, lemongrass revitalises, invigorates and uplifts, and this oil sinks in just lovely, warms the skin and leaves things smelling all kinds of divine. For something a little more relaxing on the other hand, the French lavender typically soothes and calms, which aids in a good nights snooze as muscles are left feeling tense-free.

If you need me you can find me in my makeshift spa-bathroom whilst I indulge in my own mini ritual with all of the above, or in a deep slumber not long after...

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