31 October 2015

Skin Food: Chia Pudding

Although I think of this as the best kind of breakfast on a summers day, I could easily eat it on a morning basis year round - it's that good. Think my overnight oats post here, but instead with soaked chia seeds, the texture is completely different and can be an alternative if you've got no oats hanging about at the back of your kitchen cupboard. The toppings are yours to choose, but I love the fruitiness of the goji's and the richness of the cacao nibs with the smooth, creamy coconut taste. Super easy to make, incredibly filling and energy-giving, if you can get past the tadpole-like appearance, it's an awesome wakeup call...

Makes 1 chia pudding:
1/2 mug chia seeds, white or black
3/4 mug coconut milk or almond milk

Small handful goji berries
1 tbsp cacao nibs

Fill a medium size jar with the chia seeds and pour in the milk, it should just cover the seeds with enough left for them to swell and soak the excess. Stir the two together and place in the fridge uncovered overnight. By the morning, you should have a pudding-like texture, not too watery but not too solid either. Take your toppings of choice and sprinkle on top, grab a spoon, tuck in and enjoy!

Easy, peasy, it really is that simple, comes with a great source of omega 3 from the seeds - and the best part is you can keep it interesting and switch it up each time, with different milks and toppings. Now if that's not a reason to crawl out of bed, I'm not sure what is...

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