1 October 2015

Rebuilding My Brush Collection

When I throwback to where my brush collection first kicked off, I only really started out with a few flimsy sponge applicators for shadows and a blush brush that came free tacked onto a magazine (I'm still holding onto it FYI). As my love for makeup took off, so did my brush pot and eventually my selection of tools from MAC managed to bundle into one Diptyque jar alone, but since going cruelty free I'm doing away with them and I've only been left with a handful that still leaves plenty of jar room for more whilst a makeup sponge rolls around in the other - I'm slowly working on padding them out, but in the meantime, here's what I've got on the go and what I've got my eyes on next...

So what do we have here? Well surprisingly, my Real Techniques stash only makes up one half, four out of five being from the Core Collection, and then there's my favourite, the Expert Face which tops off the orange-handled set. It's been a long time coming, but I think what's really missing here is their Starter Set, an assorted brush kit of eyeshadow blenders and liners - word on the street is that one of the blending brushes is incredible for concealer buffing. My Sigma selection makes up a good chunk of the stash, my two new faves being the 3DHD brushes for foundation, concealer and overall perfecting - I think they're just fab and can't get enough, they're very much like a better version of the F80 Flat Top Kabuki, also an old time love of mine. For powder and contouring I always reach for their F25 Tapered Face, it's super soft but applies the product exactly where you need it - I love anything small in the way of this shape, so a larger, fluffier version is great for the face. Eye wise, I have a bunch, but their E39 Buff and Blend is a dream for  a bit of crease definition. As the best travel-tool I've got Hourglass' Double-Ended Brush; one end a foundation/powder applicator and the other works well for concealer, slightly dense,  smaller and tapered. When it comes to sponges, there's my Beauty Blender which works real magic in creating a flawless face and no other dupes work quite like it. I usually dab my foundation on with it and use the point to get in and around the nose and eyes, and the results are all kinds of amazing.

C'mon, throw me your best brush recommendations - but keep it clean and cruelty free please! I've seen all good things regarding the Cover FX brushes and I've got a feeling that those will be the start of my brush pot re-build...

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