14 October 2015

Healthy Travel Snacks to Pack

Hello, my name's Jessica and I'm a self-confessed snacker. You see, I spend a lot of time to-ing-and-fro-ing and have done for many years, in fact, a 15-hour round trip is quite the norm for me and if I'm not sat on a plane or camping out in the airport, you can find me slogging it to, or heading back from one. When I'm not enduring the trek, I really miss it but when I'm a few hours into my journey, I want nothing more than to be at the other end in my own bed, and I'll take any excuse to, quite literally, eat my way through my time spent travelling - but hey, it's not all bad as my on-the-go snacks are in fact pretty good, take a look...

Now hear me out, because all of the above will only keep me going for a short while, so I make sure to buy a main before jumping on the plane - FYI my standard Pret purchases include a falafel-hummus bowl, kale crisps and almond shake. Come winter, flying in the cold is not the one, and whilst it may be pretty chunky, I pack my Starbucks Travel Tumbler, throw in a couple of tea bags - I'm currently loving Pukka's Vanilla Chai - and ask for a cup of hot water from a coffee stop, post-security may I add, to make my own brew before I board to keep me toasty. For snacks that are sweet, Nakd bars are my bff's - Banana Bread and Apple Pie being two of my fave flavours. Jam packed with goodness, they're tasty, deal with my dessert cravings and keep energy levels high. The thought of dried fruit doesn't do it for me, but Urban Fruits baked treats are pretty good, both the strawberry and mango options are my favourite, but I recently came across these chewy cherries which come with no added sugar, just baked fruits and nothing but. For me, Graze boxes are where it's at - four packs of mini snacks that are sealed and ideal for travel through your door as a monthly subscription. You can set up a personal profile and note what you like, what you don't and any allergies you may have, and they'll put together a new selection for you each month. I get them purely for my trips, they're a great idea and add a little variety, sweet and savoury. 

Snacking for days sorted, throw in a few downloaded iPlayer episodes of the Great British Bake Off and I think I've got this flight life down...

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