21 October 2015

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops a.k.a My New Favourite Foundation

Not only has giving my makeup closet a cruelty free clear-out (and by that I mean parting from the products that aren't cruelty free) enabled me to whittle down my collection to a much more sensible size, it's also allowed me to discover some new CF brands and what they have to offer - one of those being Cover FX. It's a name that's had my beauty radar bleeping for a while, offering primers, contour kits bases and brushes, they seem to be very face-focused - something I like to see, if a new-brand-to-me focuses big time on one area, their offerings are bound to be good, but to kick off there was one product and one product only that I had in mind to introduce me here and that was their Custom Cover Drops, and what a place to start...

It's true, the name had me on this one - foundation droplets that can be customised into a coverage to suit you - my first thoughts here were a liquid version of my much loved Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enchancer, more so since they've been designed to be mixed in with your favourite products, i.e. moisturisers, primers, serums and tinted bases to simply infuse them with a perfectly-matched colour, providing coverage on a customisable level but without changing any textures or finishes. And whilst that is extremely weightless with an all-round natural look and feel, it can be built up as full as you wish without any cakey-ness or clingy-ness about it. For something that's sheer-medium, I've been working with two drops and a pea sized amount of my chosen mixer, pressed in with my Beauty Blender, and the results are all I ask for, second-skin like, not too matte, not too dewy, just something that sits somewhere in between and lasts well throughout the day. Consider all boxes ticked.

Housed in a sleek black bottle with a pipette dropper, it's easy to control the amount you're wanting to work with, but as a word of warning, always shake before use as it tends to separate and settle. Shade wise, the range is insane, with 20+ tones in total, G-shades best suited for olive/yellow skins, P-shades for pink undertones and N-shades for neutral, in between. I opted for 'N20', which just so happens to be my perfect fit for this time of year and I could up it a notch for the summer months if I'm in need of a little more colour. So far I've enjoyed experimenting with what it works best with, there's been some real hits and some slight misses, but stay tuned for another upcoming post on that. 

As a heads up the CFX Custom Cover Drops are fragrance, mineral oil, gluten and talc free, and are 100% vegan. They come in at £36, it's a small bottle but contains a lot of product which goes a long way - I've found them both over at Space NK and Beauty Bay. My new favourite foundation indeed, I have nothing but love. BIG LOVE.

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