20 September 2015

What's in My Online Sephora Basket?

Since shouting from every social media rooftop possible that from now on my reviews will be of cruelty free products only, I'm both excited to feel I'm doing my good deed, but also for the fact that I can support cruelty free brands by having a bit of a shopping spree to replace the old with the new, starting with a Sephora online order. It's worth noting that the contents of my virtual basket change on a near-weekly basis (and the page that's screenshot above is actually my 'Sephora Love's', but y'know, it was prettier than the checkout page), especially with the flurry of new things regularly coming in, but since this lots have been non-movers for a good while, I've got a feeling it won't be long until I'm having them shipped in my direction...

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops - First of all, I'm eying up the foundation drops that are along these lines too, but hello - an extra injection of hydration that you mix in with any of your skincare loves? I'll take it. I'm torn between F+ Neroli to for a nourishing boost, because that's what my skin could do with or C+ Lemongrass for some added radiance, something else my skin needs with winter around the corner, but also because I'm an all-things-lemongrass-scented-addict. If it comes down to it, I might have to purchase them both. No biggie.

Josie Maran Nirvana Hydrating Treatment Mist - I was aware that JM's skincare line involved an all-natural argan oil, but never knew it extended any further than that, a discovery that instantly has my nose pressed up against the laptop screen. Cleansers, creams, not to mention cosmetics, she's got it all, but this spritz is the newest member to the family, it sounds an absolute dream and I'm all for a moisture-boosting, glow-inducing mist.

Lavanila Vanilla-Coconut Deodorant - When it comes to underarms and all things natural, I've struggled in the past to find anything to truly work its magic, bar the Fig & Yarrow Underarm Lotion which was a sweaty-day miracle until it vanished from Cult Beauty. Alas, I've heard all good things about Lavanila's range, this vanilla-come-coconut scent apparently being an all-round winner amongst them all, it would be my first-time pick for sure and I can't wait to take it on a road test (FYI, I've also seen them available here on UK turf). 

Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist - Because if one skincare spritz wasn't enough, this just sounds like it'll up my hydration levels in an instant hit. In all honesty, it only took the words 'dewy' and 'mist', and I was there - packed with silk extract, red algae and green tea, it sounds as if it soothes, nourishes and leaves the skin just looking luminous. 

The reality is, my list is actually a whole lot longer, but this gives you a little insight as to what's staying put in my basket for now. Anything you suggest to add? Your recommendations always have me...

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