9 September 2015

What's by My Sink Side?

Whilst I'm prone to walking around my flat dousing every fabric item in sight with their Perfect Linen Refresh Spray, I was yet to try any other scents across The White Company's fragrance board from candles to body care - who knew there were 25 aroma options in total? Mind blown. Knowing one of few stores to find me in on a shopping trip out, my parents gifted me with a product pairing for my Bday from TWC line which just so happens to compliment my new bathroom rather nicely...

Though the space around my bathroom sink is limited to say the least (I can barely balance my electric toothbrush on the edge of one corner), I've made way for the Verveine Handwash and accompanying Verveine Hand & Nail Cream in the other, a major step-up from the bottle of supermarket stuff that's usually found sitting there. Scent-wise, it's a citrusy one, with notes of verbena, orange and lemon - a whiff which I can only describe as 'sherbet' - basically, glorious. Without leaving things feeling tight or dry, the wash in fact feels incredibly moisturising and leaves a nice lingering scent, which I top-up followed by the lightweight hand lotion that sinks in quickly minus any greasy feels, just a whole lot of nourishment. Tall, slim and see-though with their iconic monochrome labels and silver details, my new sink-side essentials tie in so well with my grey and white marbled bathroom tiles it's almost Pinterest worthy, but seeing as my boyfriend is known to dispense his way through at least one bottle a week, I have these hidden at the back of my stash, reserved for guest visits (because y'know, I'm an adult and everything now) and for my use only. Selfish, but necessary, trust.

I'd like to think I can extend my latest washroom product love with the matching shower gel, body lotion, soap, EDT's etc etc. - yeah, the lot. So if you're looking to spruce up what sits on your sink side with something fancy, I suggest taking a little look in this direction...

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