11 September 2015

Sigma's 3DHD Flawless Face Brush Duo

It's been a good while since my brush collection has seen any new Sigma additions - back in the day the F80 Flat Top Kabuki was my first purchase from the range and even now still makes regular outings to lend a hand in achieving that flawless base. Well used, washed and abused it most definitely is, but for now has been pushed to the back of the pot as there's a new-in brush duo in town and you got a brief viewing in Monday's post, so here it is as promised - say hello to the Sigmax 3DHD multifunctional, perfecting pair...

For application and blending duties, the 3DHD Kabuki is the main guy in this flawless face faking affair. All kinds of similar when it comes to the aforementioned F80 in density and tool appearance and yet a whole world of different in terms of brush head; with an all-in-one pointed, ridged, double-wedged flat surface shape, the design fits all areas of the face to buff on liquid, cream and powder products. The pointed tip allowed for a perfect control around the eyes and mouth, the ridged bit reaching every curve, crease and angle and the double-wedge dimension leaves one side free for product application, and switched round to the opposite, clean side, buffs things in and smoothes the surface out - the results? Exactly that. Seamless, high def. perfection. And can we also please take a moment to ogle the fact that this comes in a combo of colours? IMO, the white/rose gold option is dreamy at its best. 

Follow that up with the 3DHD Precision, a baby brush version of the above which then comes in to refine, clean up, buff out and eliminate any streaks. I've been using it as previously mentioned, but I've also taken a liking to it for under-eye concealer blending and lip line defining when I'm sporting something a little bold in colour. Both are incredibly soft in terms of texture, make buffing in a breeze but when it comes to brush laundry, a few extra minutes are needed to deep down cleanse at the core due to their dense bristles.

Sigma brush lovers, I highly suggest you introduce these to your line-up, even more so if, like me, you're constantly striving to achieve the most second-skin-like finish. And if this rave wasn't enough, I feel now's a good time to chance to remind you what I have to say on Sigma's ingenious travel friendly, brush washing tool...

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