13 September 2015

Perfect Limbs with Prtty Peaushun

If we're going talking body lotion, well, you won't have heard all that much from my side of things around these parts because in all honestly I'm pretty lazy when it comes to the applying it, but there has one brand that's been alerting my beauty radar long enough for two pouches of the stuff to turn up at once. The brand in question? Prtty Peaushun (pronounced 'Pretty Potion', FYI) and their Skin Tight Body Lotion - think makeup for your legs, but with a whole load of other bonuses thrown in for good measure - let me do the explaining...

It's true, the first thing that had me when I first caught on to the buzz around this brand was the packaging - I'm a sucker for it and I don't think I can say I've seen anything else housed in a squeezable pouch with a spout. I am all over this. Packaging aside, one thing I can think  this lotion comes close is the This Works Perfect Legs Miracle, less of a quick-fix tanner and more of an instant illuminator however, but similar in all of its correcting, perfecting and hydrating ways. Much thicker in texture compared to the latter mentioned, it's in fact a rich cream which blends into the skin beautifully to nourish with no greasy-feels about it. Whilst I like to think of it as body makeup, there's minimal coverage to the formula, yet it manages to even out the skin and perfect scars, marks and bruises as well as leaving behind a sun kissed, radiant golden glow for anywhere on the body (without rubbing off on your clothes. Bonus!) though it can also be applied to the face and even though your locks. 

Five shades makeup the range, I own 'Plain', the shimmer-free option which still delivers a healthy sheen to the skin, then colour-wise you've got 'Light', 'Medium' (pictured above), 'Dark' and 'Deep'. The pouches come at a price of £36 and can be found at BeautyMart and Sulis and Thermae - but it gets better, PP is 100% all-natural, toxin free, cruelty free and their products double-up as insect repellents and sunburn soothers. Who knew? - it's the perfect finishing touch, to add a little something to your summer tan for an evening out after a day in the sun, though I can happily say you'll still find me slathering this on year-round and well into the festive season...

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