7 September 2015

My Top 5 Sigma Brushes & 20% Off

My brush pots are made up of an absolute mixture; some rotated on a daily basis whilst others have found their way to the back of the pack and aren't pulled out so regularly, but one thing I can vouch for is that a Sigma stamped number is whipped out each and every time I rustle something up on my face. So, just in time for their Labor Day discount, I've gathered up my top five for a rundown on where to use your 20% off should you wish to have a but of a splurge...

3DHD Kabuki and 3DHD Precision - The latest two to make the drop into my pot and if you're going to pick up anything, I suggest you start right here. There are no words for how flawless face fakingly incredible this duo is, hence making it to my top five favourites but I have a whole dedication post on just why they're so amazing in the works - I won't give anything away here and now, but just know the love is real. Watch. This. Space. 

F80 Flat Top Kabuki - Sigma have got these dense kabuki brushes down and the flat top was my first ever purchase from the line. It is what it says it is, a flat-topped, tightly packed bristle head that makes for easy buffing on the smoother surfaces of the face; cheeks, chin and forehead - I'd heard all good things about its airbrushing abilities and it really does aid in a finish that's all kinds of seamless, though I feel it pairs up best with medium to full coverage bases over anything of the lighter sort. 

F25 Tapered Face - As one of two full and fluffy options from my brush lineup, I've got to give it to the Tapered Face as my absolute fave. Tapered to a point of which contouring is made simple, but fluffy enough to buff on bronzer all over, this tool pretty much does all the work for you - and it doesn't stop at whirling on some warmth, I use it to occasionally dust some setting powder down my T-zone or even use the very tip to tap on some powder highlight - the job's a good'un. 

E55 Eye Shading - Here's another newbie to have arrived in my brush line and I promise I don't only like it because it's cute, small and pink. Not only is it travel friendly, it packs on a whole lot of shadow ready to be pressed in, and with a curved tip it allows for application control. One that measures up close is my MAC 239 but it's so much smaller in size - this you'll find fits the lids and is great as a one-wash-shadow disperser. 

Here's where things get real good and Sigma are offering 20% discount off any of their individual brushes using the code LABORDAY20 when you checkout. It's only valid for 24 hours though from 9:00am (CDT) today, 7th September until tomorrow 8th September, so fill up those baskets quick...

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