18 September 2015

My Fitness Kit

As far as fitness and I go, it's only ever really been yoga that's been a workout I've enjoyed. It all started way back at high school, when my friend and I joined our local yoga club for one night a week to ease exam result stress and I always got geared up for it (almost like when Rachel discovered how happy and free it was to jog Pheobe's way). I got out of the habit for a while, but it now makes up a large portion of my morning routine and I really miss it when I get out of sync. So with my exercise routine being pretty laid back, my fitness kit isn't really all that but I thought I'd run (or down-dog) you through the contents that make it up...

Only recently did I treat myself to a brand new foamy yoga mat - my inner yogi was attracted to this hot pink number as soon as I stepped foot in the Nike store. I figured something so vibrant and colourful might get me up and at 'em each and every morning and even though my favourite part of the routine is laying flat back on it, something about it brightens up my 7am wakeup call. It's grippy so non-slippy and is comfy enough that I think I may have had a snooze on it once (4 times) before. 

When it comes to workout gear, the majority of my wardrobe is from H&M. Their fitness range is insane, a smidgen of the price of fancy sports brands and is great quality. Obviously I skipped the coloured clothes section and headed straight for the black, though I think my Yoga Pants are actually more of a hint of navy, plus there's the lime waste band, so that counts as colour, right? I pretty much live in these things, whilst skin-tight, they're incredibly stretchy and almost feel like you're wearing nothing - I'm okay with that. My bra-let/sports bra/croptop is from the same range and is the same kind of comfort with awesome support. I would say to try before you buy, as the sizings can work out to be a whole lot different. That said, I did invest in my trainers as I use them for long walks and all - I've had my Nike Free Runs 5.0 for almost 9 months and they're the comfiest ever. I'll say it again, great support, a whole lot of comfort and they're lasting out well. 

I don't think I've gone a day this summer without drinking from my Infruition Sport bottle - and not only because the lid matches the band on my pants. There's a chamber in the middle that can be filled up with fruit and it infuses your water to something a little sweeter, or sourer considering I've been popping lemon slices in mine. It's a nifty invention and I've tried everything from green apple, to strawberries, to cucumber and mint - the combos are endless. Lastly, I use my Macbook to practice all of my routines - it sits at the end of my mat and when you close your eyes to 'namaste' you wouldn't even know there's not really a yoga teacher in the same room...

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