22 September 2015

My First Taste of Sigma Makeup

I think I've made it quite clear around here how I feel about their latest and greatest 3DHD brushes (FYI, the obsession is real) and with the first thought being 'tools' when they come to mind, I definitely needed reminding that Sigma even did makeup. Allow me to introduce a few of the best, if like me, you've been all too unfamiliar as I've recently took something each from eyes, lips and cheeks on a road test and after a fair bit of wear, I can conclude that we have two likes and one love...

Let's start with the Individual Eyeshadow in 'Notre Dame', a shade that turns out to be a whole lot different compared to its online swatch when faced in the pan - it looks to be a bronzy-purple-brown on-site, but in real life is a lot more violet in tone, however those bronzy hues pull through once it's blended on. I swept it over the top of a matte brown to make it a little more 'me', and the results were exactly that, an all-over-the-lid wearable laced with beautiful golden shimmer - and the best part about it? It didn't end up all down my cheeks. As such a temperamental blush lover, this colour labelled 'Heavenly' is actually right up my alley; a matte peach which brightens up my whole complexion. Easy to apply, easy to blend and it works with anything I go with eye and lip wise - an all round winner. Lastly, the Lip Base in 'Innocent', now this has to be my favourite of the three - a chunky pencil with the creamiest of formulas which leaves my lips with the smoothest feel and finish even if they're chapped and dry. It's a dream, super comfortable to wear, long-lasting and the colour is everything I look for in a lip colour. Appearing a mauve-pink hue in the crayon, it actually turns out to be a peachy nude that falls comfortably into the MLBB category and again, compliments whatever I decide to go with on the eyes - if you couldn't tell from my August favourites video, it's a new fave.

Sigma, you've gone and done it again - if it isn't your flawless face faking brushes and your genus brush-washing tools, it's your blend-able, buttery, dreamy, creamy formulas when it comes to your makeup. I'm impressed and you can bet I can't wait to see what's next up that sleeve of yours...

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