21 September 2015

My Autumn Skincare Wardrobe

Well all things autumn themed are most definitely taking off around these parts and as I'd booked off an entire afternoon this week to reorganise the organised mess that is my skincare cupboard, it got me thinking which products I'd be reaching most for now that the new season is just about upon us - because y'know, as a skincare lover, that's what I spend the majority of the time pondering about. In terms of my complexion, things have been pretty well behaved as of late, but I'm beginning to notice the odd patch of dryness and a handful of dehydration lines in retaliation to the weather change. Here's what I've got lined up to keep at dry zones bay and hydration levels high...

To cleanse morning and/or evening, there's my all time go-to, Oskia's Renaissance Cleansing Gel - more of a balmy-gel texture if you ask me, which adds a whole other level of moisture without stripping. My skin just looks pleased when I've onced-over with this and feels prepped for the next step which, as a mild exfoliating step, is the REN Clarifying Toning Lotion. It's been a top pick for a while, I love how it's not too harsh but still feels refreshing as the in-between layer to this moisture sandwich. Omorovicza's QOHM is my hydration-step spritz of the moment, not only because I adore its medicinal-like scent but also because my skin just drinks it up and locks it it. It probably comes as one of the most priciest member in my line up, but if you're asking me, it gets all the thumbs up. For treatment side of things, REN's Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial is an instant fix at ridding dead cells and leaving the surface back to baby-soft smooth, but as well as that, it soon brings a brightened look to the skin. 

Another one from REN is their Vita Mineral Emollient Rescue Cream which I reserve for days when things, well, really do need rescuing - it's an incredibly thick, rich texture, almost one that's slightly hard to work with but it seriously does the job at bringing dry skin back to life. Some days the dullness is real and though all of the above help to reverse it, the Oskia Eye Wonder really works some kind of magic around my eyes. It targets pretty much every concern, minimising bags and dark circles, cooling and refreshing puffiness and treating fine lines and wrinkles. My perfect Perricone pairing is a final step, a few drops of their multi-purpose Chia Serum supplies my skin with a layer of hydration before it's locked in with the Face Finishing Moisuriser - lovely and lightweight, and it sinks straight in.

Don't expect to see anything too different when it comes to a tour of my winter skincare wardrobe - I'm all about that plump complexion...

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