14 September 2015

I'm Going Cruelty Free!

With Monday in mind, I feel now's better day than any out of the week to share a pretty exciting change that's going to be happening (new week, new start and all that). Following up my vegan story-come-chat back in an August vlog, I received a flurry of questions regarding if I would be using more cruelty free brands across both my blog and YouTube channel. I figured one step at a time, it's something I've pondered over for a good while, glued to my laptop spending hours researching, but with the 6 month diet-change milestone around the corner and it being the best decision made, I feel I'm ready to take on the next and so as of today, I'm happy to report that you'll only be seeing CF reviews and recommendations from me from now on...

Now fear not, there won't be any major changes happening as the majority of my favourites already slot into this category (Hourglass, Tata Harper, NARS, I'm looking at you), the list is a lengthy one, but I'm stoked to discover all things new and share them with you, and it's also a bit of a heads up as to why you'll be seeing less of some brands which I've previously and frequently reviewed and loved. There is a video form announcing this change on its way where I'll also be talking you through a few of my favourite brands that are free from animal testing, though a little clue is in the picture above. Whilst I will continue to use up and finish off some of the products that I still have hanging about, I won't be repurchasing or reviewing them again, unless it's in a possible 'empties' video where you'll get an idea of which brands fall into which category. It is worth noting that some brands you'll see have parents companies that might still test on animals - this is a blurry line - I'm still going to continue to support them as it's better than supporting non-cruelty free brands, and there's some logical theories behind this on two incredible, award-winning, cruelty free sites, both here and here which I completely agree with. MyBeautyBunny and LogicalHarmony have been seriously helpful sources when it's come down to my research, both award-winning and trustworthy blogs that I'll continue to use for information seeing as laws, rules, regulations and company decisions are changing all the time and is something, I think I'll find, impossible to keep up with without sites like these. 

This change excites me huge amounts and I'm hoping it's a bandwagon more and more beauty (and animal) lovers will start to jump on in order to hopefully one day make a change - if you've got any sites, brands or products to recommend then please share away in the comments below! So that's me in, who else is joining?!

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