6 September 2015

I'm Back & Blogging!

If you haven't cottoned on to my daily vlogs over the last two months then you probably won't have heard a lot from my end since, well, let's say April and I can only apologise for being so MIA ever since. Wind back almost 5 months to when we moved flats, something that, as a major life goal for my guy and I, there was so much excitement for, but if I could see then what was around the corner up until now, I would have stayed put, well and truly. From our first month without a working hot tap, to a total of five without real water and electric supplies, or an internet connection - if you've seen the vlogs, I apologise if droning is repeating itself - it's fair to say our first move has been a pretty hellish one. Before you ask why and how we've stuck it out for so long without finding another pad, it's definitely easier said (and dreamt about) than done - let's face it, moving again after building seven items of Ikea furniture is not such a fun experience after all, amiright?!...

Alas, the one thing I've missed most is typing up a daily post for your eyes to feast on each morning, and whilst Sercan has been able to sneakily upload my videos from his office, updating my blog on a morning basis has been pretty much impossible. With our internet application now accepted, the min. one week to the max. one month countdown is on (I already have a bottle of white ready and waiting for celebration #firstworldproblems), I've been itching to get back into blogging and plan any which way I can to kickstart my schedule by working around my no internet situ until there is one. 

If you do happen to remember this little ol' site over in the corner of the blogosphere, thank you so much for sticking around and for your incredible support. Here's to me getting things back up and running all over again *raises empty wine glass* (For now. Or my smoothie jar will have to make do instead)...

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