15 September 2015

Glossier in the UK?

As much as I urge you to stay cool, calm and collected with this piece of beauty news, I almost want to get up and run around, arms flapping about the place myself - and so it would appear that the rumours are true, after much speculation regarding US brand Glossier reaching international shores, I just so happened to scroll across what could be the start of something whilst having my standard Sunday browse over on Net-A-Porter's beauty category. Since launching last year, it's been a long time coming lust for many of us fans outside of the States and whilst it's currently very much early days, there's still hope to hold out for...

If this is all new and news to you, allow me to make a brief introduction to Emily Weiss, founder of Into The Gloss a.k.a the most procrastination-worthy beauty site around, who is behind the brand and created the line focusing on natural, hydrated, dewy-embracing beauty for the everyday gal, the range fully consisting of six products in total. I see one of my all-time faves, Tamira chat about them frequently over on her blog (and FYI, as soon as my internet issues are resolved, her No Makeup Look with Glossier will be a first watch). Post-launch, the beauty world went wild for the release but it's only been available Stateside ever since, until now, that is. The first product to make an appearance is their best-seller, The Balm Dot Com, a multi-purpose salve that can be used on anything from lips to fingertips, but it comes only as a three pack, a first for a trio-tube purchase and is priced at £30 with shipping slapped on top. As well as a coconut flavoured version of the original above, there's also a  Priming Moisturiser, a Soothing Face Mist, two face masks and the Perfecting Skin Tint, the one product which will have me handing over my card details in an instance - think beautiful, beautiful skin in a bottle. 

I'm not sure I'll be splashing out just yet, but if the rest of the range makes it's way over, it's a definite consideration. I've dug deep and they confirm they don't test on animals over on the FAQ section of the site, then they claim again in a direct question that they're cruelty free and only test their products on family/friends/employees but they're yet to be approved on official lists. Watch all of these spaces... 

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