8 September 2015

Brows, Lids & Lashes from Eye of Horus

Wave hello to the latest lid, lash and brow centric, cruelty free brand on the block that is Eye of Horus - maybe one you've heard about through the beauty grapevines before but it's all new to me. I've been road testing four products from the range, at times put together to muster up one sultry, smoky eye or individually in favour of what I'd usually reach for. You may remember spotting them way back in my March Makeup Edit and I've since had the chance to use them on a regular basis and my overall results are in...

First up and Brow Define comes close to my much loved Anastasia Brow Wiz - one end a retractable, wax pencil with the finest nib for imitating individual hairs and the other a spooly to tame strays into place. My perfect shade match is the hue ‘Husk’ which just happens to blend into my natural brows better than the latter mentioned and since I only feel the need to fill in the sparse inner part and elongate the ends, it makes brow broadening a breeze. 

Another dual-ended stick offering comes in the form of their Amulet Goddess Pencil’s, available in a range of shades but naturally I have a whole lot of love for the colour ‘Bronze’. Dreamy and creamy, the opposite sponge-tipped end blends out lines for more of a lived-in wing or lower lash smudge. For the standard feline flick, the Liquid Define comes with a pretty firm tip that inks on a jet black line so easy to achieve that even my shaky hand can pull off an even wing each and every time. Long wearing in formula, it stays put without budging or smudging and I can honestly say it looks just as good at the end of the day as it did when I swiped it on first thing. Lastly and lashes, their Goddess Mascara uses a bristle wand that builds volume, length and thickness for fuller flutters to complete the eye created using all of the above - best of all there’s no panda eye smears come the end of the day.

You can currently find them over on BeautyBay, who usually have all sorts of discount codes, sales and general goodness floating about. So if you're into all things eyes in terms of definition, I highly suggest you set your sights, brows, lids and lashes on this lot...

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