16 August 2015

QVC Beauty Excellence Awards: 'Best Beauty Night Product'

With the QVC Beauty Excellence Awards fast approaching, there's some serious competition about to go down as the annual awards showcase the best of QVC's beauty offerings as voted by the QVC customer. I'm shedding some bedtime candlelight on the 'Best Beauty Night Product' category, made up of five products that get to work as you snooze and I even let you in on who my winner would be - and so without further ado, the nighttime beautifying nominees for 2015 are as follows...

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial. This is what it says on the tin - a vitamin-heavy facial for your skin that gets to work through the night and come morning, leaves you looking rejuvenated, juicy and like you've had a luxe step-by-step treatment. Loaded up with antioxidants, omega oils, peptides, and botanical extracts, skin drinks laps it up to result in an overall smoother, firmer, radiant complexion, and with the addition of a soothing essential oil combo of jasmine, frangipani, rose and tuberose, it not only smells spa-like dreamy, but also helps to de-stress and calm.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. A bottle of this on my nightstand makes bedtime even more exciting than it already is - I mist the lavender-camomile concoction over my pillow before my head hits it and it brings on some seriously relaxation that prompts a deep nights sleep. FYI, the Deep Sleep Night Oil pairs up nicely with this number and I slather my upper half in it before ducking under the duvet. With the same dreamy scent, I inhale the aromas lingering on my skin which soon send me off as well as leaving my skin super soft.

Decleor Iris Night Balm. Aimed more so at maturer skins, this made-to-measure melting balm targets the skins biological rhythm changes that happen through the night. Using nothing but all natural ingredients, a concentrate of iris, geranium, lavender and camomile help to stimulate and tone the skin whilst wheatgerm, borage and hazelnut oils feed the skin to prevent dehydration and harsh environmental factors. Sinking in to a soft and luscious feel, and in turn, reveals a more rested complexion come wakeup. 

AD Skin Synergy Night Treatment. Note the running theme with the genius facial-in-a-bottle, as this is yet another to pamper your complexion as you sleep. Packed with an organic fusion of ingredients from the best of the best, it soothes and renews cells turnover; rose hip oil, chamomile , ylang ylang, jasmine, neroli and evening primrose are a few of the plethora of essential oils which not only make it smell incredible to inhale, but help to treat the skin with their natural healing properties. 

Lulu Flashback Night Cream. Housed in a sphere-shaped bottle, the packing has got it going on in reference to its 'Time Bomb' name. As well as nicely nourishing the skin, this bedtime beautifier gets to work at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and results in a soft and supple feel. Paired with a generous sample of the Glory Day's day cream at QVC, both work together in targeting anti-aging skin concerns.

My would-be winner? Without a doubt, SC's Overnight Facial - it really is something quite special. My skin drinks up a single layer and it's left feeling how it would if I were to have been treated to a full-on facial, and that's pretty much just all kinds of amazing. That said, being in amongst such good competition, one thing's for sure, this year around it's looking to be a close one...

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