24 June 2015

The Next-Level Brush Laundry Travel Tool

Brush laundry, also known as the biggest beauty chore of them all. My bunch don't get soaped up near enough as much as they should and even when the occasion rolls around, the bristles in my brushes aren't always washed completely free of foundation and suds like to mingle and linger leaving the heads feeling greasy. Alas, said days are long gone since a next-level brush laundry tool stepped into my routine and has meant that I actually quite enjoy the Sunday evening task - enter Sigma's Spa Express Cleaning Glove...

As a more compact, travel-friendly version of their regular offering, the pink silicone slip provides a speedy brush cleaning process for either at home or on-the-go. With the mitt tip flipping inside out, it can be worn either way giving the option one side to lather up eye brushes, which features finer, more detailed textures, and the other, larger, different shaped textures for fluffier face tools, the glove securing in place with a thumbhole and a strap that slips around the wrist allowing for a vigorous, nitty-gritty lathering. My previous brush-washing way was to swirl in the palm of my hand but the clean was never as deep and I was left with hands red-raw due to the wild changes in temperature from my bathroom tap. Now, paired with my Dr Bronner's Tea Tree Magic Soap, my brush heads have definitely seen dirtier days and come out of the wash looking brand-spanking new (plus there's no burnt palms in sight), but there's a method to this magic, deep down cleanse and it goes a little something like this:

Step 1: Chose necessary glove side suited for either eyes or face. (Clue: correct way up is etched around the strap). Add soap to the centre of the glove and swirl dampened brushes on the 'wash' texture.

Step 2: Move onto the 'Rinse' texture, wash brush back and forth under warm running water to remove makeup residue and suds.

Step 3: For a bonus deep clean, swirl brush on 'Refine' texture before repeating the rinse step.

Step 4: Finish with a swirl on the backside of the mitt tip 'Refine Plus' and squeezing out any excess water from the bristles. 

Once I'm left with a squeaky clean bunch of bristles, I lay down a towel on my bathroom worktop, line-up my brushes with their heads hanging over the edge to prevent any funny shapes once dried. I give my mitt a final good rinse and it joins my tools on the towel to dry off. Flat-pack and flimsy, my mitt fits snug in my luggage meaning no room for excuses when it comes to travel brush washing...


  1. This looks like an awesome tool! :)


  2. Brilliant idea! I have a teeny tiny rigged silicone matt but this looks heaps better x

  3. This looks like a good product, my hands always get so dry when I wash my brushes!

  4. Seriously brush-wash-life changing ;-)

  5. It's pretty awesome - highly rec. :-)

  6. Ah me too Kate - though this is pretty much a game changing tool ;-)


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