26 June 2015

Boots & The Body Shop Haul

You could say it's been a good while since I stepped foot in a Boots store hence why I become excited enough to simply see the bag when I got the chance to place a hefty order recently. Expect to see the (boring) but necessary purchases, a number of re-buys and a few new things to try in the way of suncream, skincare, makeup and beauty tools. Also thrown in are a few bits from The Body Shop; two nostalgic pick-ups that haven't from way back when in my teenage days and a certain something from their mocktail themed line that smells pretty darn good if you ask me... 

24 June 2015

The Next-Level Brush Laundry Travel Tool

Brush laundry, also known as the biggest beauty chore of them all. My bunch don't get soaped up near enough as much as they should and even when the occasion rolls around, the bristles in my brushes aren't always washed completely free of foundation and suds like to mingle and linger leaving the heads feeling greasy. Alas, said days are long gone since a next-level brush laundry tool stepped into my routine and has meant that I actually quite enjoy the Sunday evening task - enter Sigma's Spa Express Cleaning Glove...

15 June 2015

My Top Lash Curling Tips & Favourite Tool

Once a step I’d reserve for special done-up occasions, lash crimping has now become a part of my near-daily eye makeup routine. Whether I’m piling on lashings of mascara or sporting the minimal, no makeup, makeup for that standard Sunday look, a quick curl seriously makes all the difference for a more wide-eyed approach. It’s one step I egg everyone around me to introduce to their regime and for you too, I think that I’ve got the one tool and three tricks that could just get you there…

14 June 2015

Boots & Amazon Skin Food Haul

Shocker, but the upload that's just landed in your subscription box doesn't feature anything of the beauty sort, nor any item of clothing and not even a piece of homeware - it is in fact skin food centric from two orders I'd made through both Boots and Amazon. Expect to see a jar of the miracle multitasker, a chocolate supply that's actually good for you and the recipe book I've read through word-for-word around three times. But frown not, I couldn't make any online Boots purchases without throwing in a fair few beauty bits along the way - that one will be making its way to you shortly...

My Downsized Lacquer Collection

There was a time where my lacquer collection once filled three decent sized boxes to the brim, but come my move abroad, makeup stepped up as the priority when it came to packing as much as possible and gloopy nail shades were binned or the untouched were passed on to family and friends. My most-used made the move and are now housed in one healthy-sized recycled Charlotte Tilbury Look-in-a-Box, box that was far to pretty to throw away. It’s starting to sound a little like I’m proud of my achievements, but I’ve got a feeling my lacquer lot won’t stay so minimal for long, a pretty array of nail shades is one thing you just can’t have too much of…

12 June 2015

May Favourites

Long time, no favourites and so I figured what better way to come back than with a round-up of my most-loved beauty bits from the past month with a few from April thrown into the mix since a video of the sort never came about. Expect to see the face base I've been buffing on (it's an oldie, but a goodie), the nail polish pick that's a very un-me shade of pink and the lipstick that I've slicked on non-stop. Considering there's two months worth smushed into one, there's only just over a handful, but everything you'll see here has been well and truly used, abused and swatched... 
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