3 May 2015

The Essie Shades That Come out This Time of Year, Every Year

I can count on one hand the Essie nail shades that come into play around this time of year, every year and nothing much has changed ever since the ol' straight, thin and flimsy brush days. They're pretty much put on rotation from then on until, let's say, the moment Autumn hits - a new colour slap-dashed on each week over the space of a couple of months with the odd non-Essie paint job thrown in, but since this budget-but-not-so-budget brand has got it down when it comes to their little bottles of lovely lacquer, their stand is the one direction I head in. I've got a thing for pretty pastels and vibrant brights, and those definitely feature within these five most-painted...

With spring written all over it, I've got to give it to Mint Candy Apple for my most worn seasonal shade, in fact it's on my tips as I type, even if horribly chipped (10 days on may I add). It's the perfect hue of pastel mint green and is one I deem a 'can't-stop-staring-at-fingers-and-toes-when-it's-on' kinda shade. Another pretty pastel in the way of a pale, pinky white is Fiji, again, a colour I crack out come spring, but it looks ten times better when your limbs are bronzed up a little bit. 

Of course, there's a coral thrown into the mix and it goes by the name of Haute as Hello - it's one I'm a little more cautious with come extreme sunny climates as the colour can fade and on one hot holiday, it once turned into an opaque shade of white on my toes and after around 3 days at that. With that said, it's definitely one shade to sport with a tan, so I tend to paint in on my fingers when the sun isn't at its blazing best. Now it is a little streaky, but I'm putting that down to the fact that it's the old style thin 'n' flimsy brush when I've got a whole lot of love for the newer style. Transitioning my tips from spring into summer is usually Lapiz of Luxury; pretty and pastel but that little shade brighter which again looks simply stunning when you've sunned yourself up. The hot orangey-red you see is named Roarrrrange as was unfortunately a limited edition part of last years summer collection, but a doppleganger of that with a slightly fiery kick comes as Meet Me At Sunset from the main lacquer line. I've got a few colours that fit well into this category - I think I'll go as far as saying it's my fave and it'll no doubt be adorning both fingers and toes when the hot weather hits. 

I know I really should venture out of my Essie strong five-polish-safety-net, but where to begin? Any spring or summery shade suggestions?...


  1. Lets Talk Beauty3 May 2015 at 12:00

    I don't own many Essie Polishes but I need to add Mint Candy Apple to my small collection. Its the perfect Spring Summer shade


  2. I love Mint Candy Apple and Haute as Hello! I like wearing Fifth Avenue too, a bright pillarbox red :)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  3. Gorgeous shades! I need to try more Essie polishes x


  4. Ah lovely shades! I'm waiting for Bikini So Teeny to come out again, that always seems to be a S/S shade too!

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  5. Ooh fab selection, I personally really love Go Ginza and Cute As A Button :)
    xxx Claire

  6. Heidi Barnett4 May 2015 at 20:33

    Hi Jess,
    some fab colours there. Ive recently fallen back in love with Essie polishes, they go on so well and have fab coverage. Hope all is gong well in Turkey, watched your latest vid to hear you're moving soon to a new home. How lovely, good luck! x

  7. I have Lapiz of Luxury and it's lovely :) Ruffles and Feathers is nice, I also love Muchi Muchi if you like milky pink shades, Suite Retreat is a nice one as well :)


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