10 April 2015

Top 3 Clean Eating Blogs

Recently if you've needed me, I can be found with my head nestled into a cook book or scouring blogs for recipes in hope for some inspiration for that nights dinner - if anything, I now spend more time researching food than I do beauty. Say what?! My clean eating journey is definitely a slow progressing one and I have better days than others, so if in need of a few pick-me-ups, I can easily think of three blogs where I'll head to for starters (mains, desserts and all), all of which got this whole eating-way-of-lifestyle on a roll in the first place. Need a little motivation yourself? Look no further...

Madeleine Shaw. I have Madeleine to thank for pulling me up aboard the clean eating bandwagon - she was the first clean-eats blogger I stumbled across way back when she made a video with Millie Mackintosh on transforming the contents of her fridge. I headed straight on over to her blog there and then, and I've retuned almost 3 times a week ever since for new recipe ideas. Madeleine follows a gluten and dairy free diet and although she eats fish and meat, the majority of her meals are vegan and vegetarian friendly, and not to mention the fact that she makes some seriously dreamy desserts. Whilst her blog is all kinds of amazing, she also has a YouTube channel and has her Get The Glow book set to launch in a few weeks time - roll on payday. 

Deliciously Ella. Quite why it took me so long to discover Ella I don't know, but I'm most definitely now making up for lost time. The purchase of her best selling Deliciously Ella book is an example of that, it's something I just haven't been able to put down - I think I've read it word for word three times over and even scan through it most nights before bed. I find her story incredibly inspirational, it lead her to follow a plant-based diet and if it doesn't make you want to switch up your diet, I'm really not sure what will. I'm just all over the fact that she can turn my favourite meals into healthier versions of themselves, doesn't snub brown rice or potatoes like most others, and there's nothing on her blog, YouTube, or in her recipe book that I haven't wanted to cook up in an instant. Plus, she shares a love for Magimix's like myself. What a babe. 

Niomi Smart. Though a good chunk of the videos Niomi puts out are beauty, fashion or lifestyle related, when she does produce something food centric, it is seriously well worth the wait. I searched for her journey into a healthier lifestyle and whilst there's not really any mention of it, I can gather that she's slowly cut things out along the way to becoming a dairy and gluten free vegan, probably the best way to go about it. She throws together the most tastiest looking meals and sweet treats that can be found on both her blog and YouTube, I love how she's converted boyfriend Marcus into cleaner eating and whenever a health food haul of hers is uploaded, it's very much a down-all-tools-and-run-to-my-laptop situation.

My sidebar is full of other hints, links and tricks but the above are three that come out top for me. I'm all ears if you have any healthy eating blogger, vlogger or author recommendations that you think I need to know about - fire away...


  1. Love this post. I have been making more of an effort to cook and buy healthier lately, maybe not so much clean eating, but better in general. The deliciously Ella book looks like it's going straight to my Amazon wish list. I'm a bit of a cookbook hoarder and this one looks stunning!

  2. After this Easter break (a.k.a a chocolate feast) I'm going to be browsing all of the food blogs for some healthy meal ideas :)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com


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