6 April 2015

Sweeping on Shades of Khaki

What started off as a bit of a shadow experiment has suddenly snowballed in to a regularly sported thing on my lids - never did I imagine that sweeping on an actual colour would override my usual bronze-toned application. Said colour in question is khaki, a shade that still appears relatively neutral if brown undertones or gold shimmer is involved, but hey, it falls under the green-hued category and I'm pretty chuffed that I've been able to blend on a little something that's out of my standard shadow comfort zone...

It's got to the point that a single shadow has even weened its way into my MAC neutral eyeshadow in replace of another that went untouched. The new member goes by the name of Sumptuous Olive and it's what I'm sporting in the picture above. Staying true to its name, the shade is an olive green-brown with gold shimmer and warm undertones which pull through when blended through the crease - I've been washing it on all over as a one-sweep-wonder and its quickly become my new favourite khaki colour. Another MAC offering is Swimming that comes out more of a grass shade of green - I'm still getting brave with it but it adds a little more depth than the aforementioned. The deepest, darkest pan in NARS' And God Created The Woman Palette is in fact a black with gold pearl but in good lighting, swatched and blended well, it really comes across as a bottle green in my eyes - I've only ever dipped my pencil brush into it for smoky liner purposes and will probably continue to do so as a full-on wash would seem a bit too scary for my liking.

Two more come in creamier, pencil forms - the first being Sephora's Jumbo Liner in no other than the shade Khaki. I've been pairing it with a few other neutral hues from this range by running it along my lower lash line for a hint of green to my usual bronze smoky. Dreamy, creamy and lasting longtime, it's so nice to work with, as is the finer tipped, slightly more olive toned liner that is Urban Decay's 24/7 Pencil in Stash. In terms of delivering a smudgier definition, it's another I've been reaching for when it comes to lash lining.

Sumptuous Olive has become my most dipped-into shade of this sort, but you can see me lining on the Sephora Jumbo Pencil here. Who knows where this could lead to, but if my 'other' MAC palette is anything to go by, it could get pretty vibrant... 


  1. Sumptuous Olive just went straight to the top of my shopping list! It looks absolutely stunning on you in the picture!

    B x

  2. This is such a beautiful shade! Something about it is so intriguing.


  3. It's seriously all kinds of beautiful Gabriel :-)

  4. It's unlike anything else I own - seriously beautiful :-)

  5. Ah thanks Maison - hope you'll love it as much as I do ;-)

  6. These are totally in my range, I tend to drift towards these all the time. I find they are shades that go with everything, also forgiving shadow that you don't need to do much to achieve a look.



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