2 April 2015

March Favourites

The month of spring has sprung - it couldn't have come sooner and to celebrate, I've rounded up the beauty bits I've been loving over the past few weeks to talk you through. Expect to see the selected eyeshadow shades I've swept on daily, the exfoliator that's delivers results that are smoother than them all and the nail polish that has adorned my nails for pretty much the entire month of March. This has stepped in to replace what would have been the upload of my weekly vlog, but I figured you'd much rather this than seeing 10 minutes of me and my weekend spent on the sofa with food and a few movies - am I right?...



  1. I love the packaging for that skin perfector, lovely video as ever!

    Jouer Must-Haves Set Review + SWATCHES

  2. Your skin looks so gorgeous here missy. You've sold me on SO many products. I haven't had a beauty splurge in such a long time (I don't even read many beauty blogs anymore but I'm obsessed with yours) and I'm definitely going to be heading to Boots this weekend for the exfoliator as a starting point! Hope you're well!
    Rebecca-Louise | Autumn Leaves

  3. It's definitely my kinda packaging Tal ;-) Thanks for watching!

  4. Ah too kind, thanks so much Rebecca! I'm glad I've managed to enable you - really hope you love the Indeed Labs Exfoliator as much as I do :-) I'm well thank you, I hope you are too!


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