3 March 2015

The Week #9

Apologies are in order on my part for the fact that no weekly vlog made it to your subscription boxes this time last week - the lesson has been learned after not packing my camera for a weekend that turned out to be one of the best yet. Alas, this time around things don't get off to such a healthy start as I bake up a batch of shortbread, but come Friday my fitness hit kicks in and I ease myself back into yoga but not before serving up a clean eats recipe for a pre-breakfast snack that I stumbled across over on one of my favourite food blogs...



  1. Brazen Brunette5 March 2015 at 01:06

    Loved this video, your shortbread cookies looked delicious!

    xoxo Nicole


  2. Ah thanks so much for watching Nicole! Shortbread is definitely my weakness ;-)


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