29 March 2015

The Week #12

My twelfth edition of the week starts off with a day at home attached to my cat (of course) before heading out for a standard date night at Bill's with one of my best friends where I typically opt for some Mediterranean type meze, that I can have anytime, over the chance to have the British dish of fish and chips - there were no regrets as I was offered an endless supply of grilled piadina bread. Come the weekend, I spend Saturday afternoon with another of my favourite gal pals, the evening with my family, food, food and more French food for my Brother's Birthday prior to jumping on a plane back to Turkey early hours of Sunday morning...



  1. Such a lovely vlog! Bill's looks amazing, those olives!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  2. Ah thanks so much for watching Sophie! Bill's really is the best and those olives were the best I've ever had ;-)

  3. Ah thanks for watching Kate! Definitely, I'm sorry I couldn't this time - I'd kept it a secret as it was and I was just so busy! I'll let you know when I'm next back :-)


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