30 March 2015

Recovering My UK Beauty Stash

There were many a beauty products left behind in the UK upon my big move abroad simply because my luggage was already exceeding its weight limit and not even another slim-line palette could be squeezed into my case, so when I headed back home for a visit recently, it was indeed a joyous moment when I was reunited with my old beauty stash that consisted of some real gems including my not-so-neutral MAC eyeshadow palette, a moisturiser favourite and a few nail polish picks. Now travelling hand-luggage only meant I couldn't bring back as much as I'd of like, but I made it sure that I crammed in as much as possible...



  1. I love that essie shade! Rediscovering is the most fun thing.

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  2. It's SO pretty - and I agree ;-)

  3. Hi Jessica, I found your video really fun to watch. It's always great to rediscover makeup and skincare! I will say that from your blog post, I found your run-on sentence to be very distracting. I tend to have to go through and re-read my work for run-on sentences quite frequently as well so just please keep an eye on making the corrections in the future.

  4. I'm not really sure what you mean Brittany, but thanks for your opinion anyway :-)

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