6 March 2015

Nail Therapy Routine & Favourites

Neat nail upkeep was one of the beauty tasks I once found a bore - I was never one to set a good example when beautifying everyone else's day-to-day, however, I've since found that treating my tips to a little tender loving care actually equals less attention needed and said therapy session is usually squeezed in between nail paints every seven days involving little filing, a bit of a trim here and there and healthy dose of nice nourishment. With a weekly routine in order, let me talk you through the tools and treats that come into play...

The total transformation turning my talons from breaking and flaking to lengthened and strengthened is all down to Dr Lewinns Renunail Nail Strengthener. As a treatment alone, I apply two coats on the first day, one every other day following that and after a ten day total, I wipe it off and start all over again. My tips are the healthiest they've ever been, so it too doubles-up as my base for when I'm sporting a shade as it's not only a barrier against staining, but still keeps up its hardening duties at the same time. Another Dr Lewinns offering sits by my bedside - I brush on the Nourishing Oil each night at the base of my nail and massage in. I picked up the aforementioned as a duo which worked out to be a bit more bargainous. Before the former mentioned therapy came along, I was all over OPI's Nail Envy, it works in the same way and the building-up concept is exactly the same. It's one lacquer well worth investing in, raved about for good reason and there'll be on forever in my stocks.

Once a week, I file things into shape using Leighton Denny's Crystal Nail File - the glass seals in jagged edges much better than your standard emery board, essentially meaning less wear and tear. Following that, I crack out the cuticle stick, side note: the rubber tipped ones are the way forward and make the job so much easier. I find it works best straight out of the shower as all the work has been done for you - I simply run the tip along my cuticles to soften the excess and then trim around with the OPI Cuticle Nippers (similar here). When it comes to lotions, pretty much anything goes but I do happen to have a whole lot of love for the Malin & Goetz B5 Hand Treatment. Loaded up with provitamin B5 and almond extract, it's seriously nourishing minus the grease for the hands, but more so for the nails and cuticles. Plus it smells like you've slathered your hands in marzipan, and I'm okay with that...

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