1 March 2015

Current Cult Beauty Offers That Can't Be Missed

Seeing as my most recent beauty discount shout-out went down rather well, I thought I'd make it a regular thing and update you when I stumble across the next load of offers worth stocking up on your staples or justifying a spending spree for. This time around I received a little heads up from no other than the ultimate online beauty haven Cult Beauty and the discounts, savings and goody bags were too good to keep to myself and wanted nothing more than to shout them from the rooftops. And with that said, virtual shopping carts at the ready, checkout set, go...

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Spend £20, receive a free mini eyebrow gel - Since the much sought-after Anastasia Contour Kit has been freshly restocked and is available in 3 shade selections, it's not going to be all to hard to exceed that spend limit and I've heard nothing but all good things about their clear gel for brows - mini in size too makes it ideal for travel, but if the idea of chiselled cheekbones doesn't float your boat, the arch-framing and lash enhancing offerings are probably the best I've ever come across... 

Oskia - Save 20% when you purchase the Renaissance duo - Let me do the maths for you on this one: Renaissance Cleanser, £28 + Renaissance Mask, £48.50 = £76.50, but when purchased as this prepared pair, you pay £61.20, bargainous or what? You've heard me bring up both in conversation many a time, each a skincare favourite of mine - the cleanser being my morning step as a lovely, lightweight, sweet rose-scented gel which brings a boost of radiance whilst gently exfoliating using fruit acids, and the mask delivering all of the aforementioned results, in an instant transforming treatment form.

Oskia - Spend £65, receive a free Rose De Mai Massage Candle (worth £34) - Stock up with the above and throw in another treat for good measure and you have yourself a complimentary full-size Rose De Mai Massage Candle. A massage candle? I sense confused head scratching - now, not only does this double-up as a beautifully scented room fragrance, but once the fatty acid, vitamin and mineral-heavy oil has started to melt, it can be poured into the hand, hence the spout, and used as an oil for massaging or to target dry areas of skin. Genius. However, if you're not feeling the Renaissance couple, there's a plethora of other incredible skincare bits that easily pass the £65 mark...

Kevyn Aucoin - Spend £40, receive a free Creamy Glow - The freebie in question is a cream blush in the shade Liquifuschia worth £20 - it's not often you come across a good KA deal, especially since it's stocked in very few places, but the makeup pieces they have to offer are absolute gems, and if you need a helping hand...

There's only one thing left for it, happy shopping fellow enablers...


  1. Think I may have to pick the Oskia duo, that's too good a deal to miss!


  2. Agreed Amanda! Such an amazing deal :-)

  3. Too many all at once for my bank balance to cope with ;-)

  4. Lets Talk Beauty1 March 2015 at 22:04

    So many great deals! I do love a GWP & find them so hard to resist


  5. I may have indulged in the gwp (oops), it was the Oskia sample that pushed me over the edge haha ;)
    xxx Claire

  6. Agreed! Too tempting, especially when miniature versions are involved ;-)

  7. Haha, I like your work Claire ;-) That Oskia sample was a pretty good sample indeed!


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