8 February 2015

Winging It with The Feline Flick

Liquid lining is a step in my makeup routine that I wish I could wing more regularly, but sometimes no amount of time, patience, or even a cluster of MUJI's thin swab cotton buds can allow me to pull it off - basically, this sums up all of my problems. But what with a new brand love solving a previous makeup problem by hitting the mark with my most longed for nude lip combo, I turned in the same direction for a little lining help, and let's just say I've been winging my way to a foolproof feline flick ever since...

The clue's in the name with this one and the cat-eye gaze creator in question is The Feline Flick Quick Fine Line Shodõ Pen by Charlotte Tilbury, of course. TFF has been designed to work on any eye shape to elongate and lift facial features using an ink-rich, fine-tipped calligraphy-style brush that's as easy as a felt-tip but with the finish and elegance inspired by the Japanese art-form of “Shodõ”, where lines are achieved through a “one chance, one stroke” method. I'm handing the bonus points to its rubber handle, aimed to give ultimate control for a precise line - and when things don't always go to plan (hey, it still happens) it gives me a whole lot of extra grip when my fingertips get stressed and sweaty. 

To make my way there in the most smudge-free way possible, I start by mapping out my point by pressing the pen side-ways on against the corner of my eye, imagining an extension from my waterline, out through the corner and up towards the temple. I then turn the pen on its point and join the flick up with my lash line, taking it as far as the centre of the eye, just above the iris - I feel taking this approach brings a thicker, fuller appearance to my lash roots, and lining all the way to my inner corner looks a little heavy for my lids - all is set quickly to prevent feathering and promises to hang about for up to 14 hours, now I don't wear my liner for that length of time, but it stays put well throughout the day/night. 

I'll say it, me and the feline flick, we're friends again, all thanks to this aptly named pen, but it now has me pondering which makeup product revolution CT will be serving up for me next...


  1. This sounds like the perfect liquid eyeliner pen, and it does look lovely on you :) I have Charlotte Tilbury's tips to thank for perfecting my feline flick as well, her 'dot at the end of where the flick is going to be' tip is a game changer!

    Kat | www.kathorrocks.com

  2. This is the dainty flick I try so hard to achieve, on the one eye it's perfect and the other its a wobbly mess, I've now got yet another CT item on my wishlist.


  3. This is one of those products where I wish I didn't love the look of it so much because of the price! It really does sound amazing, though.



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