1 February 2015

What to Expect from Your Beautician: The Facial

Since a few requests have been sent my way asking for more beauty therapy-type content, I've been taking notes and lots of them, and here's where I'll be bringing a bit more of that to light - Say hello to the 'What to Expect from Your Beautician' series, where each and every month, I'll address a new treatment (until all have been covered that is). This time around I'm chatting all things facials - my personal favourite treatment to have done, and to do - and the hints you should be keeping an eye out for an all-round good therapist and service...

Consultation. If you are new to your therapist, your treatment should start with a consultation. Always. Your record card should ask your personal details, medical conditions and medication, simply because some medical conditions can prevent a treatment from going ahead, or certain areas that may be affected can be avoided, but your therapist needs to know. However, once it's out of the way, you won't have to form fill each and every time you visit.

Skin Consultation. With that completed, a second-step consultation should follow - your skin observed and your skin type determined, your therapist can then decide which products to use. If it's not asked of you, then ask your therapist herself and do not accept ''our skincare is suitable for all skin types'' as an answer, facials are specialist treatments and should be catered to your skin type. I also ask my clients what their skin concerns are, what their skincare routine at home is like and which products they use.

Music and Comfort. Before the facial gets underway, I always ask my client if they're comfortable and warm enough, and if not, I'll hand them another blanket. I always wrap their hair in a towel and tuck in their feet - P.s a microwave bean bag or a heated blanket are a bonus. I also check if they're happy with the music, I play a calming combo and have it on low - ain't nobody got time for whale noises - and mostly, the music is much appreciated. Saying that, I once had a client who wanted complete silence, to the point of which she asked me to remove the batteries from a clock (not gonna lie, that thing bugged me too) so don't feel a nag for asking to have the music turned off if you'd prefer. On that note, if you find your therapist to be too chatty, make it known that you're there to relax - I get all of the talking out of the way before treatment begins, leading me onto...

Products and Routine. I always have had my products lined up on the side before my client walks in (if they're a regular and I know their skin type), otherwise for a new client, I have everything out and line up what I plan to use after the skin consultation. It's nice to know a bit about the products first up, so I run over those and the order that I'll use them. I'll also let them know I'll briefly leave the room while they have their face mask on to fetch them a glass of water, and I'll see if my client has any further questions before we get stuck in. Something else to note is whether your therapist uses an Orb/product warmer, because there is nothing dreamier than warmed balm/oil being slathered on your skin. I'm not sure  I've ever done a facial where I haven't received the compliment: ''Wow. Your hands get really warm'', so luckily for me, I haven't had to invest *winky emoji*

Results. Post-treatment, you should feel relaxed to the level of which it's not safe to drive home - use it as a good excuse to not do a lot for the rest of the day. Slightly pink in colour and naturally glowy is what you should be seeing in your skin - don't panic about the pinky tone, it's the blood flow that has been encouraged to the surface through an hour's worth of massaging, a good thing - and be prepared in the upcoming week for minor breakouts, again it's your skin's way of detoxing after everything being brought to the surface. Here is also where your therapist should hand you her input on your at-home routine, recommend (not push) some products and advise you to maybe book in for regular appointments, however at this point you should be itching to schedule yourself in - and that right there is when you know you've found yourself a keeper in the way of a beautician.


  1. Thanks for this Jessica, this looks to become a great series!! I just had a facial this past week with a new therapist and I am happy to report that she passed your checklist well (in restrospect :D ). Happy with the skin result too!!

  2. This was so informative. I definitely need to treat myself to more facials. I had a Decleor one for my birthday last January (I know it's been THAT long since I last had one *slaps wrist) and it was fantastic. My skin glowed for about a week after :)

    It's tricky finding a good facialist especially when you're on a budget but it's something I need to do!


  3. What an informative post! Having never had a facial before, I found this highly interesting, it's definitely got me wanting to get a facial! I look forward to reading more in the series!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. Thanks for reading Kat! Ahh that sounds SO dreamy - they can seem super pricey, but I like to think of them as an extra 'boost' to your at-home skincare routine :-)

  5. Ah thanks for reading Tasha! Hope you get to experience the all-kinds-of-amazing treatment that is a facial sometime soon ;-)

  6. Ah thanks for reading Bella! So glad you enjoyed your facial and you liked your therapist - hope you enjoy many more to come :-)

  7. Thanks for posting such an informative post. I've never had a facial before but I've always wanted to. After reading this post I have a better understanding of what I should be looking for facial-wise and can't wait to finally book an appointment!


  8. I've been wanting to try a facial for a couple of years, but I suffer from Rosacea and read some advice saying to avoid facials as the heat can inflame it - could I ask your opinion on this? Thanks


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