11 February 2015

Top 5 Concealers & Which Goes Where

It's been said, a new base product is my favourite makeup purchase of them all, however, I always look for more when it comes down to my concealer - maybe because I've got a multitude of sins to hide; dark circles, spots, scars - the lot. But I feel a good base looks even better when paired with a good concealer and I can safely say that I've settled on five firm favourites, all of which serve a different purpose and are applied from one area to the next. It's not quite a tour of my concealer wardrobe just yet, but for now meet my top concealer picks that I can count on one hand...

The All-Over Multitasking Concealer - Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer - A little pot of miracle that'll do anything you ask in terms of cover ups; mix it with your face cream = tinted moisturiser, use it as a foundation, a concealer or a highlighter, it can go anywhere you like, but for me it works best over larger areas of breakouts and redness as a little of its thick texture spreads a long way. 

The Under-Eye Concealer - Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer - Slightly salmon in tone to cancel out bluey-green eye bags, but still a one-shade-that-suits-all, I pat this on no other place than my dark circles. Texture wise, it's pretty heavy and takes some warming up with the ring finger, but soon blends in seamlessly to disguise any dullness. What's more, it's also loaded up with a whole host of eye care ingredients and has an SPF of 35 to protect the delicate area when you're sans sunglasses. 

The Blemish Concealer - NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - With the dreamiest of creamiest formulas, I will look no further for a break out coverup. Serving up a decent coverage, I can opt for a ligher base followed by a few swipes of this in all the right places - the staying power lasts longtime and it doesn't turn all funny around dry patches, and seeing as the formula brings a whole lot of radiance I'll occasionally use it under the eyes too. 

The And/Or Concealer - Tom Ford Correcting Pen - (Because I really couldn't think of a better description) but this double-tailed twist-up corrector can be used under the eyes and/or on blemishes. One end a slanted, oval pink tone to cancel out under-eye circles, the other a yellow-pointed pen to take out the redness in blemishes or purpleness in scars. Both formulas are beautifully blend able and hide up everything that needs to be hidden.

The Waterline Concealer - Custom 3 Color Light Clarifying Pencil - When redness attacks, it's not only on and around my blemishes but when I've had too long of a date with my computer screen or a bad nights sleep, I get a serious case of inner rim rawness of which can look a little too 'pink eye' for my liking. I've sharpened my way through this flesh coloured concealer kohl that has the softest texture and uses all-good ingredients meaning it's super safe to line the waterline, but can also double up to hide spots, enhance the lip shape or fill in lines and wrinkles. 


  1. I have wanted that Kevyn Aucoin concealer for the longest time but I cringe every time I see the price tag! I know it would last forever though...I've just picked up the Nars Creamy Concealer so won't be getting it anytime soon but it's still on the wish list.

    I could talk about concealers all day - they're seriously my weakness as I have hereditary dark circles that need a lot of coverage! Always on the hunt for the 'perfect' one

    Kat | www.kathorrocks.com

  2. Such a useful post, I am usually too lazy for using different concealers though haha x

    Ooh La Luce | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  3. Me too Kat - even when I think I've found the perfect one (right now it's the NARS RCC) it still seems to be an ongoing hunt ;-) Glad you picked it up, hope you like as much as I do!

  4. Ah thanks Lucy - I feel your pain, I have those lazy days too ;-)

  5. Great post, and it took me a while to learn that concealer does actually go in different places. Bet the TF is dreamy!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. I love the NARS concealer for everything. It's so good x

  7. I haven't heard of any of these concealers before apart from NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer! Thanks so much for sharing this post - I'll bear it in mind when I choose my next concealer.


  8. Ahhh I have heard so much about the Kevin Aucoin skin enhancer, I need to get it! and the NARS creamy concealer is defo going to be on my next high end buy list!

    Jasmine xxxx


  9. Thanks Annabel! It IS seriously dreamy stuff ;-)

  10. It's just amazing in all the right places ;-)

  11. Ah thanks for reading Jill! Hope it helps :-)

  12. You need it in your life Jasmine - Both of them in fact ;-)

  13. I know I doooooo!! xx

  14. I've heard enough of Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer that I'm just going to have to purchase it. Concealer is the one area of makeup that I've not found that 'holy grail' and although I'm currently raving about the fantastic coverage and texture of the Rodial Instaglam Magic Pen Corrector, I'm still not 100% sold that it can be given that title!
    Rebecca-Louise | Autumn Leaves for bloggers and creatives


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