18 February 2015

The Week #8

The latest and eighth edition of the week serves up an insight to an at-home working day - I make courgetti for lunch and reward myself with the next episode of Gossip Girl for writing up the next day's blog post in time. Wild. Come the weekend, and Valentine's Day at that, seeing as we never make a big deal out of the occasion, we instead decided to make the most out of a lovely day by hopping on the motorbike for a bit of a city show-you-around kind of tour, there wasn't all too much to see and the heavens opened pretty soon after so we made our way back for a Valentine's cooked lunch which resulted in me napping on the sofa for a full four hours. Pretty romantic if you ask me...


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  1. Liz Earle Eye Bright is an absolute gem of a product, it is so good for those mornings when your eyes just don't want to even open! Also great for summer time if you suffer from hayfever.

    alice x | beautybyalicee | Bloglovin' | YouTube


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