23 February 2015

The Best Beauty Discounts Around as of Now

Starting up Safari to sniff out some of the best beauty discounts around is what I do best. I like to think that I can challenge myself to knock off as much dosh from my next makeup purchase using every code or point boosting scheme in my sights, and more often than not, I'm able to make savings so fist-pump worthy that I can justify the following beauty buy after that. It's a vicious circle, but it's also seriously satisfying and with the numerous online voucher codes floating about, I really don't remember the last time I paid full dollar for a product - true say and so that you too can reek the benefits, I've hunted down the best beauty bargains as of now and have thrown in a few purchase suggestions in case you get stuck all for good measure...

Escentual - 20% off everything with code ESCENTUAL20 (Expires Mon 23rd Feb 11:59pm) - Home, and the exclusive home to some of the best French pharmacy brands around at that, Escentual have got it down. The first online stockist to offer big boy bottles of Bioderma, they're now the exclusive seller of Serozinc - that spray on hydrator that you once had to pay the earth for only to get it shipped over from France, but foreign faves aside, they deliver all the best high-end bits and not only that, you can earn points for each purchase which when saved up to a certain amount, can equal pennies off your next. Win, win.

The Body Shop Spend £50, get £25 off  with code 14317 (Expires Sat 28th February) - I'm feeling some seriously nostalgic purchases coming on ever since my love for a perusal of TBS' site has meant it's crept its way up into my Top Sites tabs. Back in the day, it would be my beauty buy port of call - my best friend and I forever persuading her Mum to allow us to one of her Body Shop At Home parties just so that we could spend our hard earned, part-time job pennies on another sweet smelling body butter to add to the collection. In more recent times, I've heard nothing but good reviews about their skincare line new additions and I think this is one all-kinds-off-bargainous-offer that shouldn't be ignored. 

Look Fantastic - 15% off all orders with code LOVELF. Plus, spend £55 and receive a free Beauty Box worth £48 - On a regular occasion, LF will hold a pretty hefty percentage discount off everything, bar a few brands, and I take it as the perfect opportunity to stock up on some of my staples so it's well worth hanging around for. If this is your case, I'd jump on it - there's no mention as to when this code will pass its sell-by-date, but I've got a feeling this is one ginormous GWP that'll fly off the shelves and I think we can all agree that going over the £50 mark by a couple of quid isn't all that hard to achieve. 

With that said, fill up your virtual baskets, type in your discounts and thank me later...


  1. I might look through Look Fantastic. There's nothing better then getting a discount :)

  2. Body shop Banana shampoo is amazing!!! Even just for the smell haha...

  3. The Body Shop have had a LOT of extremely good offers on recently! I keep getting emails and they are so tempting I can't help myself! X


  4. Agreed! Some of the offers are just too good to pass up on - I can't get over how good their current deal is ;-)

  5. I used to use it all the time, I think it's one I'm going to revisit since they've brought it back - the smell is SO good ;-)

  6. LF is fab - they have a great range, and as you say, there's nothing better than getting some money off alongside it ;-)

  7. Ohh I didn't know that the Body Shop did so many offers!! American Apparel is always sending me emails as well :)



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