27 February 2015

Smoky Eyes with Sephora's Jumbo Liners

As my favourite form of shadow, I've got to give it to the twist-up pencil stick form - swipe on, blend it and you’re set for the day, crease, crinkle and smudge-free. You may recall a new addition that I welcomed to my stash a while back, so let’s just say this post has been a long time in the works. The sticks in question come from the Sephora own-brand line and go by the names of Jumbo Liners - twist-up stick form they’re not and I have to crack out my super-sized sharpener for these bad boys, but swipe-and-go in crayon concept they are and I currently own three shades from the range, which together, muster up a neutral smoky eye with a hint of green thrown into the mix. Me? Green? It’s happened…

I’d heard nothing but good things when it came to these crayons - when sized up to the Urban Decay 24/7 Liners, these we’re coming seriously close in comparison. The shade names are basic, but say it how it is, and back when I was in New York, I’d eyed-up Brown as my go-to pick when my sights were first set on the display. It’s standard ‘me’ shade; a deep chocolate with flecks of gold shimmer running through and so in the basket it went. I’d made it clear since how I wish I’d had a bit more of a shadow spree by collecting a few more colours - a lovely reader of mine insisted and kindly popped a pair in the post towards my direction and her choice of the two hues couldn’t have been better. Think of Taupe as a cream form of MAC's Satin Taupe, just packing a whole lot more of a punch - it's beautiful, and probably the second I would've grabbed given the chance, yet the other is a shade I'd usually shy away from, but it's become the key colour in this smoky three-step combo. Khaki keeps it real, a dark green with a golden sheen and it just brings a hint of colour to what would be my typical bronzed eye.

To rustle it up, I sweep Taupe on all-over the lid, straight from the stick, blend with the ring finger before running Brown through the crease and buffing with a fluffy brush. I then take Khaki and glide it along the lower lash line, et voila - not too chunky that they're impossible to line with, but wide enough to use as a shadow. Formula wise, they're a creamy dream,  last longtime on the lids without a budge and are incredibly pigmented. Labelled with a 12 hour wear promise, once they're on, they're set and being waterproof too means only a swipe of eye makeup remover gets them gone. 

Available in shimmer, glitter and matte finishes, there's a shade to suit all, and with a Sephora now on my doorstep, you can bet I'll be adding more to my stash soon enough...


  1. I wish we would have Sephora here in UK

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous!!! My favourite way to apply eye shadow and some of my favourite shades to wear on my eyes here, Sephora needs to come to the UK!

    Jasmine | jasminehardingmakeup.blogspot.co.uk

  3. These are lovely! They do some gorgeous shades. I wish we had a Sephora over here as I hate having to order without swatching.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  4. We can only hope and pray for one day ;-)

  5. It sure does! Their whole own makeup line seriously has some hidden gems ;-)

  6. I feel your pain Antonia - swatches online can come out completely different in the flesh. I guess it makes it all the more exciting when we do get to pay a visit though ;-)


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