5 February 2015

Q&A: Boyfriends, Beauty & Moving Abroad

Following my send-me-your-questions shout out, I gathered up all queries you asked across my social media board to answer them in one lengthy video. Topics included how I met my boyfriend, beauty and moving abroad, and I had so much fun piecing the whole thing together that I think I'm going to make Q&A sessions a regular thing - be sure to follow me over on Twitter @JessBeautician and listen out for another #AskJessica question collection, but for now grab your a cuppa (you're gonna need it) and see if, this time around, yours were answered...



  1. Aw thanks for answering my question! Great vid :)

  2. Loved this video Jess, hope Turkey is still great - be sure to let me know when you're back in the UK! Looking forwards to a coffee (or hot chocolate) catch up again :)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  3. Ah thanks for your question Jessica - and for watching! :-)

  4. Ah thanks Kate! It sure is thank you - ah I will indeed, look forward to it! :-)

  5. Love! Thanks for answering my question, lovely!

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