9 February 2015

Five Products to Make Time for

So you've got an hour or less on the clock (story of my life), be it for a big event, an outing, something that you really should have made more of an effort for - the hands are ticking and you need to get your quick-fix on, and fast. Well fear not, fellow last minute panic-ers, as a trusty five product line-up of mine comes into play in said situations, not always all at once, but in times of a head-to-toe turn around they really can, and across the skin, hair and body care categories, there's not one miracle these products can't muster up...

St Tropez Self-Tan Express Tanning Mousse - 60 minutes - The most foolproof mousse I've ever whipped on, and the best of the St Tropez offerings by far in terms of a streak-free application and non-soggy smelling biscuit scent. One hour is the minimum if you like your bronzed limbs looking as natural as possible, but leave it for two and you'll have yourself a colour that leans more medium, or three hours will serve up a shade of dark. When a last minute outing crops up, or I'm late in application, I look in the direction of this slap-on, wash-off formula - tan's a good'un.

Sarah Chapman Rapid Radiance Cleanse - 2 minutes - Let's put the cleansing part to one side for the moment, as this clay based cream in fact doubles up as a two minute mask, turning a dull skin day into a much brighter one. A rare clay blend combined with vitamins and lactic and salicylic acids work together to detoxify and slough away dead cells to revel a complexion that's radiant and fresh.

Sarah Chapman Morning Facial - 10 minutes - This could essentially be a process that you make as quick or as lengthened out as you like; slathering a layer on in the space of a few seconds nourishes nicely, but taking some time out to really massage it right in is the way I prefer to go about it. I think of it as a long old drink for my skin throughout the day as it fuses a beautiful range of oils that feeds my dehydrated complexion for a glow that's much akin to what you'd be left with after an hour's facial.

Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer - 20 minutes - But that's the minimum amount of time I'll leave it masked in my hair as an instant turn around miracle as I often pile it on and sleep in it over night. If damaged strands are your hair's biggest problem, then look this way as nothing else does the job quite like it - and the results I'm talking about? Silky soft and strengthened with a healthy shine. It is seriously worth the hype, like seriously. 

Ren Flash Rinse Facial - 1 minute - For an all-over glow with added evened-out smoothness, meet another facial-in-a-tube type concept. As a transforming treatment, this slightly exfoliating, Vitamin C heavy formula is activated when in contact with water to gently buff the skins surface and rid greyness revealing a rejuvenated and revitalised visage.

Ready? Just. Set? Well, the fake tan is. You're good to go...


  1. would love to try the ren 1 min facial. i'm all about saving time!

  2. Yep, One Minute Facial is on the top of my "to try" list)) heard so much about it

  3. It's brilliant stuff - highly recommend it Tima! :-)

  4. Highly recommend it Gabriel - it's literally like a good facial in a tube ;-)


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