18 February 2015

Eye Treatment Types

In addition to my levels of dryness and dehydration that are seriously off the scale, my eyes come in as a close second skin concern; the deepest, darkest circles that any panda would be jealous of, and a single stand-out line that runs under that dark circle, but only on one eye (that's now all you're going to see when you watch my videos). Said concerns play up when I'm lacking sleep/have travelled/haven't drunk my 8-glasses-a-day, but for every problem causer I have an eye product solution, and they come in the different forms of 4 (or 5) treatment types...

Lotion - Liz Earle Soothing Eye Bright - I've got a feeling that if I did my research, I'd find a few more products where this one came from, but it's not something I stumbled across all too often and this is by far the best I have hunted down. Concocting naturally active soothers such as eyebright, witch hazel, cornflour and aloe vera, tired, puffy eyes are instantly toned, refreshed and cooled. As the first step in my morning skincare routine, I saturate two cotton pads, hold them down over my lids for a few minutes and swipe off - it wakes me up for the day whilst soaking up any eye makeup remainders that weren't quite removed from the night cleanse before. 

Serum - Oskia Eye Wonder - Lightweight and loaded up with youth-boosting nutrients, if you suffer with any and every eye concern out there, then meet this guy - bags, circles, lines, wrinkles and fatigue, it targets the lot. Their 'it' ingredient, MSM, encourages collagen production, peptides and anti-oxidants build cell health, plant bio-actives do the brightening, smoothing and protecting DNA duties, whilst rosewater refreshes. Basically, there's nothing but good stuff in this serum and best of all, it's cooling but soon sinks in without a tacky texture to it. 

Gel - Origins No Puffery - When a serious case of puffiness attacks, I bring out this number as it banishes the bags almost instantly. Yeast extract is used to do just that, as well as brighten a dark under-eye area and Hoelen mushroom calms redness and keeps further inflammation at bay. Both cooling and soothing, a light layer slathered on is my go-to treatment for when I've spent 5 hours too long staring at my laptop screen.

CreamLierac Diopticalm - A.k.a) the one for after a rough and really long flight. Also fusing cornflower, witch hazel, and oat and mallow to provide an 'ice cube-like' effect and botanical extracts to bettered results and redness toning-down properties, the cooling balm formula fights fatigue whilst it hydrates and is a good option for sensitive eyes. It's a toughy  to get your hands on, but if there's any way you can, I recommend it plenty of tube amounts. 

MaskOrigins No Puffery and Lierac Diopticalm - Both of the above double-up as masks too when applied in a thicker coating and left on throughout the day. Origins recommend piling on the No Puffery and leaving on for an all-day treatment before following up with your favourite cream, and Diopticalm advises applying a heavier covering before tissuing off/patting in 5 minutes later. 

Now it may take 4 products to tackle my eye area troubles, but let's just say if it wasn't for their bag-banishing capabilities, I would most definitely not 'wake up like 'dis'...

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