28 February 2015

The Lip Product Addict Tag

Prepare yourself to talk all things lips for the next ten minutes (and then some) as for I'm answering my way through the eight questions that make up The Lip Product Addict Tag. Expect to hear my favourite drugstore and high-end offerings come into conversation, as well as if I'm a lip liner lover or not, and what my best red would be if I had to whittle it down to only one. They're all there, and I've kept all other aspects such as clothing, makeup and nails pretty low-key on purpose so that I can swatch you through each and every balm, gloss and crayon as I go...

27 February 2015

Smoky Eyes with Sephora's Jumbo Liners

As my favourite form of shadow, I've got to give it to the twist-up pencil stick form - swipe on, blend it and you’re set for the day, crease, crinkle and smudge-free. You may recall a new addition that I welcomed to my stash a while back, so let’s just say this post has been a long time in the works. The sticks in question come from the Sephora own-brand line and go by the names of Jumbo Liners - twist-up stick form they’re not and I have to crack out my super-sized sharpener for these bad boys, but swipe-and-go in crayon concept they are and I currently own three shades from the range, which together, muster up a neutral smoky eye with a hint of green thrown into the mix. Me? Green? It’s happened…

24 February 2015

Manual Exfoliators of the Gentle Kind

If we're really going to talk dead-skin-shedding, my preferred way to go about it would be a chemical exfoliation once weekly - Alpha H Liquid Gold, I'm looking at you. But with that said, I do like to get down, and ever so slightly scrubby on the odd occasion, though with none of that scratchy apricot kernel rubbish, instead with much gentler formulas that still slough and leave my skin feeling incredibly soft, but without a red-rawness about it. A trio of complexion transformers get regularly rotated within my routine and tick all of the aforementioned above boxes...

23 February 2015

Top 10 High-End Favourites

Hide those wallets in some place where you'll forget to find them as I've whipped out my top ten makeup picks that come with a high-end label to chat you through, basically two handfuls of luxury beauty buys that I've possibly ever come across which may just encourage a wild case of online shopping. Expect to see four of my favourite complexion perfectors, eyeshadows in the form of pots and a palette and a trio of lip loves that consist of liner, lipstick and gloss. Don't say I didn't warn you...

The Best Beauty Discounts Around as of Now

Starting up Safari to sniff out some of the best beauty discounts around is what I do best. I like to think that I can challenge myself to knock off as much dosh from my next makeup purchase using every code or point boosting scheme in my sights, and more often than not, I'm able to make savings so fist-pump worthy that I can justify the following beauty buy after that. It's a vicious circle, but it's also seriously satisfying and with the numerous online voucher codes floating about, I really don't remember the last time I paid full dollar for a product - true say and so that you too can reek the benefits, I've hunted down the best beauty bargains as of now and have thrown in a few purchase suggestions in case you get stuck all for good measure...

21 February 2015

What's in My Makeup Bag? & Tutorial

It's been a lengthy while since any makeup tutorial of the sort has made an appearance on my channel, but I always forget what a right ol' good time I have when I do put one together, and so this time around I attempted to get clever, by not only showing you through the contents of my makeup bag, a.k.a my current cosmetic favourites, but I give each and everyone a review over as I'm applying them. Expect to see a few items that have earned their reviews over here on the blog in action as I rustle up my go-to look of the moment that is dewy skin, a subtle smoky eye with a little colour, a feline flick and glossy pink lip...

20 February 2015

Soap & Glory's Sticks of Glossy Goodness

Apologies on my part for this is one rave party that I am seriously late arriving to. Note to self: Listen to Lisa Eldridge when she's talking to you. I've heard nothing but good things where Soap & Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks are concerned, so just why it's taken years too long for me to settle my paws on them I really don't know. For more of a non-sheeny budget offering, I look to Revlon's ColorBurst Matte Balms, or their Kissable Balm Stains for a bit of a satin finish, but in terms of upping the glaze amp, I'm handing my 'Best of the Drugstore' award to these sticks of glossy goodness...

19 February 2015

My Three-Piece Fragrance Wardrobe

Back in my past perfume times, you could expect to see a collection of  cat-shaped bottles, celebrity branded offerings *cringe* and the fruitiest of fragrances that made me smell like a walking bag of sweets. Having to pass the Jo Malone counters at the airport a few too many times to ignore, I've since waved and sprayed goodbye to the stereotypical smells and my fragrance wardrobe now welcomes all scents on a whole other level of sophistication and uniqueness. It's a slow growing progress since they come with a heftier price tag, but for now meet my Malone/Diptyque three-piece that I plan to expand on next time I tour through duty free...

18 February 2015

The Week #8

The latest and eighth edition of the week serves up an insight to an at-home working day - I make courgetti for lunch and reward myself with the next episode of Gossip Girl for writing up the next day's blog post in time. Wild. Come the weekend, and Valentine's Day at that, seeing as we never make a big deal out of the occasion, we instead decided to make the most out of a lovely day by hopping on the motorbike for a bit of a city show-you-around kind of tour, there wasn't all too much to see and the heavens opened pretty soon after so we made our way back for a Valentine's cooked lunch which resulted in me napping on the sofa for a full four hours. Pretty romantic if you ask me...

Eye Treatment Types

In addition to my levels of dryness and dehydration that are seriously off the scale, my eyes come in as a close second skin concern; the deepest, darkest circles that any panda would be jealous of, and a single stand-out line that runs under that dark circle, but only on one eye (that's now all you're going to see when you watch my videos). Said concerns play up when I'm lacking sleep/have travelled/haven't drunk my 8-glasses-a-day, but for every problem causer I have an eye product solution, and they come in the different forms of 4 (or 5) treatment types...

17 February 2015

Sarah Chapman Rapid Radiance Cleanse

Considering Sarah Chapman's Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse and I have struck up such a good relationship that's lasted longtime as part of my evening skincare routine, I figured her newest, and second cleansing member at that, Rapid Radiance, would be worth a shot. Three weeks on, and I know where I'm at in terms of when it should come into play - The best part? It doubles-up as a quick-fix mask, you know I love me a good multitasker. I feel I've been road testing it regularly enough, for long enough to now spill the beans, so get yourselves prepared, for all things based around said product are about to get seriously hyped...

16 February 2015

Five Items Forever in My Makeup Bag

The contents of my makeup bag come and go, switch and rotate, but there some items that stay put no matter what. The space inside my Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag is pretty roomy indeed, but that's no excuse to carry excess baggage so I add and subtract in other areas as I please when it comes to those that aren't part of said handful. I'm probably starting to sound a like a bit of a broken record here - you know the deal and my makeup must-haves by now, so lets just say settling on the five items that are forever part of my pouch didn't require a lot of thinking about...

15 February 2015

Current Non-Beauty Favourites

Things are switching up for a mid-month favourites video with not a single skincare item in sight. I've had a whole lot of love for a few bits in the non-beauty departments recently and thought I'd sit you down for a chat through them all; expect to see the trainers that actually make me feel 10 x fitter when even just slipping them on, the TV series I'm seriously glued to and a few heathly snacks that still satisfy my sweet-tooth cravings - they're all there, but seeing as I don't bring up anything in the way of makeup, I decided to sport the brightest pink lip possible for the occasion...

13 February 2015

NAKED Palette Rediscovered & My Top 3 Combos

Leading up to the shipping of my entire makeup collection from one country to another, I came across products in the archives that I'd almost forgotten I had - some items were packed well in advance to ensure they weren't left behind, oldies got binned, unused handed to friends and for others, the love was seriously rediscovered - one of those being the Urban Decay NAKED Palette. Cue one of those where-have-you-been-for-the-past-year-of-my-life moments, but let's just say in the last month or so there's been no love lost as I've worn a selected blend of shades most days. For the record, I don't think I've ever dipped my brush into the black or grey, but every other shadow is taken to my lids regularly in order to rustle up my top three combinations...

12 February 2015

Superfood in Skincare

Welcoming more and more superfoods into my diet is an ongoing process, but I think introducing them into my skincare is a good enough place to start. Superfoods contain the highest concentration of phytochemicals, plant based chemicals that fight the ageing process and when extracted from foods, concentrated, stabilized and applied topically, work as an anti-inflammatory and aid cell repair, and so beauty brands are jumping on the use-of-superfood-ingredients-in-products bandwagon by the minute. I'm figuring what works on the inside, must do just as good of a job on the outside, and scouring the back of product bottles suggested that certain superfoods can usually be found hiding in there somewhere...

11 February 2015

The Week #7

The latest edition of The Week was kicked off by celebrating our 8 year anniversary - if you can really call a home-cooked meal, bottle of wine and a few episodes of The Walking Dead a date night, then that's about as romantic as the evening got. Fast forward to Saturday, where we took a trip to a shopping mall we hadn't yet seen, I paid a visit to Bath & Body Works and experienced all kinds of dreamy scents as expected. Sunday was reserved for flat cleaning duties (that I spared you of and it involved rubbed gloves, bleach and a toilet brush - something you really didn't want to see)...


Top 5 Concealers & Which Goes Where

It's been said, a new base product is my favourite makeup purchase of them all, however, I always look for more when it comes down to my concealer - maybe because I've got a multitude of sins to hide; dark circles, spots, scars - the lot. But I feel a good base looks even better when paired with a good concealer and I can safely say that I've settled on five firm favourites, all of which serve a different purpose and are applied from one area to the next. It's not quite a tour of my concealer wardrobe just yet, but for now meet my top concealer picks that I can count on one hand...


10 February 2015

The Best of Beauty Mart Edit

Retail shopping in the beauty department is taken to a whole other level of excitement when you're tempted with treats that can't be found all-too-easily elsewhere. One of my favourite beauty havens to have a browse around both instore and online is Beauty Mart. Home of some of the most hard-to-track down products and brands, there's some real gem finds under their roof - the first store came about in Harvey Nichols, but they're now popping up here, there, in Topshop's and everywhere, and it's well worth a visit but if there's not a shop too near to your doorstep, they'll ship straight to you and overseas too. If in need of a guide, read on for my best of BM edit and the products you should be dropping in your basket...

9 February 2015

Five Products to Make Time for

So you've got an hour or less on the clock (story of my life), be it for a big event, an outing, something that you really should have made more of an effort for - the hands are ticking and you need to get your quick-fix on, and fast. Well fear not, fellow last minute panic-ers, as a trusty five product line-up of mine comes into play in said situations, not always all at once, but in times of a head-to-toe turn around they really can, and across the skin, hair and body care categories, there's not one miracle these products can't muster up...

8 February 2015

What's in My Bag?

After many dreamy thoughts, it had taken me a while to finally make the investment piece purchase leap, but last year it happened and the item in question has been attached to my arm almost everyday ever since - there have been no regrets. With that said, I feel it was about time I introduced, and gave you the full tour in and around said handbag; expect to see five packets of chewing gum, the same amount in lip products and the 'lady things' I keep it real with - I also show you the magic trick where I make my laptop magically squeeze inside although be it a rather tight fit...

Winging It with The Feline Flick

Liquid lining is a step in my makeup routine that I wish I could wing more regularly, but sometimes no amount of time, patience, or even a cluster of MUJI's thin swab cotton buds can allow me to pull it off - basically, this sums up all of my problems. But what with a new brand love solving a previous makeup problem by hitting the mark with my most longed for nude lip combo, I turned in the same direction for a little lining help, and let's just say I've been winging my way to a foolproof feline flick ever since...

6 February 2015

How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

When some serious chill time comes around, and there's the chance of plenty of it - I love nothing more than going to town by transforming my tiny bathroom space into a make-shift spa, the full works and exactly what you'd find if you were to visit one, almost. See, you know me, I like my pampers and to take it to the next level, I get in the zone and it's a much budget friendlier way if a weekend break just isn't an option, plus it can be made a more regular thing. You feeling it? Here's how it's done...

10% Off MUJI Storage Just for YOU!

Ladies, listen carefully - I seriously hope you're feeling spendy because a heads up with a special discount code attached just landed in my inbox - you've most probably heard it here first (just thank me later) and so I'm here to shout it from the rooftops. MUJI, Queen of all acrylic makeup storage, are currently offering 10% off said drawer stacks and pretty much everything else they've got going on. These codes don't come around all too often so in order to get your cosmetic collection in check much before your big spring clean, here's the need-know...

5 February 2015

Q&A: Boyfriends, Beauty & Moving Abroad

Following my send-me-your-questions shout out, I gathered up all queries you asked across my social media board to answer them in one lengthy video. Topics included how I met my boyfriend, beauty and moving abroad, and I had so much fun piecing the whole thing together that I think I'm going to make Q&A sessions a regular thing - be sure to follow me over on Twitter @JessBeautician and listen out for another #AskJessica question collection, but for now grab your a cuppa (you're gonna need it) and see if, this time around, yours were answered...

4 February 2015

The Flawless Face Fakers

Note the running theme as I introduce you to my face-base blenders; dense, yet with a bit of fluffiness about their bristles is just how I like them to be, you won't be finding any pointy-tipped, flat foundation brushes around these parts - I only end up with a trail of noticeable brush strokes across my cheeks when I get my hands on one of those. Seven currently makeup my applicator arsenal (currently meaning that it's an ongoing collection obsession), all are used equally, but for a range of situations, so please, come and meet what I deem to be my flawless face fakers...

3 February 2015

The Week #6

Come Tuesday mornings, you will now find the newest edition of The Week in your subscription box bright and early as opposed to a Sunday upload. I was previously splitting the same weekend between two weekly vlogs and things got a bit confusing to say the least, so this way you'll get the full week in an all-in-one. In last week's edition, the camera comes out mid-week for my best friend's birthday celebrations via Skype, and ends with a brunch date followed by a seriously windy walk through the beach-side park, and that could be followed up with one dinner and one dinner only. Fish. Chips. And mushy peas...

My Date Night Makeup

Yesterday saw the fella and I celebrate a whole 8 years together (I feel how old?) and whilst we never do anything too wild, I got prepared on the makeup front just incase he had any hidden surprises waiting up his sleeve. Going from one past occasion where he'd secretly put a plan together, he'd never actually thought about the time it takes to get my face on into account and I ended up at a fancy restaurant bare-faced with unbrushed hair and an outfit I'd thrown together in a matter of ten seconds - I'm surprised they even let me in. Not being one for too much of the heavy stuff, especially with him disliking anything but maybe a bit of moisturiser on my face, I kept things simple, yet sophisticated, even if it took around nine products to make it there...

2 February 2015

Skincare on Trial

Whilst I've recently run-out to restock on certain members of my much-loved skincare after a job lot of them gave up the ghost in the space of the same week, I thought it was probably about time I welcomed some newer bits into the mix. I'd briefly ran over said products in my Moving Abroad Beauty Haul and I've since had the time to put five-never-tried-before on trial - they need to be taken for a bit more of a road test before my full verdict is set in stone, but so far, first impressions are all kinds of good...

1 February 2015

January Favourites

Hello February, what took you so long? No seriously, January flew by, but I'm just grateful that I've made it to the end of what I class as the most groggiest month of the year. Alas, it's that time to have a chat about the beauty bits that I've given a whole lot of love to over the past few weeks - expect to see my new go-t0 nude lip combo that pairs perfectly with my standard bronze smoky eye, the mask that gives dull skin days a kick up the backside and a beauty book that is equal parts lipstick as it is laughs...

What to Expect from Your Beautician: The Facial

Since a few requests have been sent my way asking for more beauty therapy-type content, I've been taking notes and lots of them, and here's where I'll be bringing a bit more of that to light - Say hello to the 'What to Expect from Your Beautician' series, where each and every month, I'll address a new treatment (until all have been covered that is). This time around I'm chatting all things facials - my personal favourite treatment to have done, and to do - and the hints you should be keeping an eye out for an all-round good therapist and service...
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