21 January 2015

Why I Have All the Love for Oskia

With a good ingredient list, comes some seriously good skincare - it's a given and although there isn't anything all too new to report on my routine front, there is one thing that you should probably know; one brand is gradually overruling the roost that is my skincare stash, that brand being Oskia. There are many a reason why I have a whole lot of love for this line, but I'm here to chat all things ingredients because these guys have got it going on, on the back of their boxes, bottles and of course, in the products...
Sometimes natural isn't always the way forward, but they believe skin is better served by working with nature, hence the 98% all-natural contents. As the first premium skincare line to utilise a form of organic sulphur, known as MSM; a beauty mineral our skin needs in order to renew itself, they're a brand to stand out from the crowd. For 150 bodily compounds, this skin healer is important for the reproduction of collagen, elastin, amino acids and keratin, both structurally and functionally, and by helping the skin help itself results in a more supple, stronger and healthier complexion. In addition, they use the best bio-actives to promote radiance and combat the signs of ageing, so expect to see peptides, prebiotics, hylauronic acid and omega's 3 and 6, to name but a few, crop up in their ingredients. And with that covered, there are four products in particular I've been picking up - a lot, and I've got a feeling these are just for starters. 

On many occasion, I’ve made it perfectly clear how I feel about their Renaissance Cleansing Gel. Breakfast aside, it’s what I wake up for in the mornings - standing sink-side at 7am is made a whole lot more enjoyable when I’m massaging this into my face, let me tell you. Now don’t be scared off by ‘gel’ in its title as it really works into more of an oil with the most silkiest feel to its texture and just leaves the skin deeply nourished whilst imparted with an 'I woke up like this' glow. Now, when it comes to scrubs, I'm not that kind of girl but I make a few exceptions, one of those being the Micro-Exfoliating Balm; thick and creamy cleanser-like, it's packed with micro silica and MSM granules, but harsh and scratchy it is not, though gentle and smooth it really is, a process I do once-weekly to rid dead cells and leave things nicely evened out. Oh, and it smells like Dolly Mix, which just makes it all the more dreamy to work with. 

I can always find time for their Renaissance Mask (that's the pink pot to you) on a dull skin day. It's basically a treatment version of the latter mentioned cleanser in the way of its rosewater scent, pink in colour, gel texture and radiance inducing abilities. Loaded up with fruit AHA’s, it gently unbinds dead cells to resurface and renew - the results? A luminous refreshed and revitalised complexion. As a last-step staple in my evening routine, Eye Wonder comes into play as a soothing serum that's rich in nutrients to not only target bags and dark circles, but to treat fine lines and wrinkles. I like to think of it as a does-it-all little miracle worker - a wonder for the eyes it really is, and I'd hate imagine the state of mine if I were to now be without it. Let's not think about that...

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