20 January 2015

The Week #4

Things got up high and seriously shaky (for my knee's anyway) in Sunday's edition of The Week, and so the vlog ended up being placed in the hands of my boyfriend to take over for filming duties. He's most definitely the one that wears the dare devil pants in our relationship, and was quite willing to dangle himself over the ledge to get a good shot of what really was an incredible view - I'm later found hunched over in the background and like you, have only experienced the scenery through the lens of the camera. That aside, things kicked off to a good start with the biggest, best breakfast the week ended on a high with some quality friend time. Fellow acrophobia sufferers you may want to view this one through squinted eyes and laced fingers...

Click the title in the top left hand corner of the video underneath, it'll pop open in a brand-spanking new tab ready for your viewing, where you can find all the links, info and added extras typed up in the description box below it. Enjoy!


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