19 January 2015

The Tom Ford Fragrance for Both Him & Her

Psst... I'll let you in on a little secret - knowing that I'd be passing through, and without a doubt, stopping off for a gander in duty free back in the summer, the boy asked my approval on a certain Tom Ford number in the fragrance department, one that is in fact for the ladies, but is known very much known for having a unisex aroma about it. The initial whiff of Black Orchid suggested, 'hey, me and you, we could get on quite well too', and so I agreed he of course needed it. It's since gradually sneaked its way into my perfume stash, stepping in as my choice for the winter evenings (he just doesn't know it yet)...

By far the deepest, darkest in my collection, I do find it to be a little heady at first - it's one you have to really be feeling, you know? But its tendency to overpower wears off and leaves a trail of warm, musky spice, that soon sweetens up, for days and days - (obviously) I wash in between but I can still detect it hanging around on my scarf, jacket, basically everything, even a week or so on. With a French jasmine, black truffle, ylang ylang and citrus blend, its top notes capture attention first, then at the heart, dark florals and rich fruit accords encourage out the skin's natural scent, and are combined the custom grown note, and über rare, Tom Ford Black Orchid, which is further deepened with sultry lotus wood. Base notes of patchouli and sandalwood bring tones of woodiness, smoothed out by the creaminess of chocolate and vanilla, and amber deliveries a sense of darkness. Feminine, but with a masculine aura. Or vice versa. I like. 

Housed in a fluted black glass bottle with gold accents, it's got glamour splashed all over it, and not to mention the fact that it slots in well to my monochrome themed perfume collection quite comfortably - but lets just keep that between us, eh?!


  1. I wear and love Black Orchid, but I would find it too feminine for my husband! I suppose it's what their skin chemistry does with it.....I'm not wasting a drop of it on him though LOLOL!

  2. Agreed! Haha, I'm sure my boyfriend would feel the same if he knew I'd been stealing it Bella ;-)

  3. Ohh I love that there is a scent for both men and women! ^ v ^


  4. Lets Talk Beauty19 January 2015 at 15:11

    I love Unisex scents, this one sounds lovely. I am terrible at buying new scents, I tend to find a couple I love & stick to them. I am going to give this a test next time I see a counter.


  5. Uh.... Oh.... 🙈


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