27 January 2015

The Facial Feature Enhancers

The no-makeup, makeup topic and its varying looks is something that's covered regularly here on the blog; nice and neutral, simple and subtle, you know how this one goes - just take my most recent Weekend Makeup routine as an example. But today I'm talking all things facial feature enhancing and the products, tricks and tools that'll fake your way there without being on the heavy side. Cheating cheekbone structure, how to highlight sans shimmer and four products that'll lead you to looking bright-eyed and bushy brow tailed, the recipe to play on your best beauty assets goes as follows...

Chiselled Cheekbones. A pair of these have been on my birthday list for the longest time, but it's safe to say my brother got all the good facial feature genes. Alas, the next best thing comes from Kevyn Aucoin's The Sculpting Powder, a non-grubby, non-chalky matte compact with a unique combo of pigments to create shadows which sharpen up barely-there cheekbones in a sweep. I make the standard 'fish face' and blend it into the hollows, take it along the jawline, down the sides of the nose, up onto the temples and finish in the centre of the chin.

Highpoint Highlighting. After contouring comes highlighting. Always. You need to bring the light back to the face by creating a prominent illusion - here's where Kevyn Aucoin  comes back into play. The Sensual Skin Enhancer is a multitasking corrector; tinted moisturiser, foundation, concealer - it does it all, but as an all-natural, dewy highlight it's all kinds of stunning. I pat the product on the tops of my cheeks, then press any remainders on the brow bone and down the nose - exactly where the light would naturally hit.

Curlier Looking Lashes. Now I did get the long, naturally curly lash genes. A quick crimp using Shu Uemura's Eyelash Curlers (best ever) just gives them a little extra lift when pressed right up to the root, and once curled, it emphasises the length and completely opens up the eyes - a step I often find is all that it takes to fake a no-makeup, makeup day. 

Wide Eyed. Custom 3 Color's Light Clarifying Pencil runs along my waterline on a daily basis - flesh toned, waterproof and multitasking, it wards off any redness making eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Bushy Browed. But not too bushy, and so here's where I rely on my Tweezerman's for stray strand removal. Slightly slanted and super sharp, they pluck out the shortest, most stubborn hairs and just make tweezing less of a chore. Once the shape is there, a comb through with a mini-spooly simply tames everything into place.

Plumped Pout. I've never been a lip liner lover, but Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk has converted me big time. Shade wise, it's a my-lips-but-better match, and just traced around the lip perimeter, can instantly resize and reshape, whilst looking completely natural thanks to its smoothing, melt-in formula.

Six steps to naturally enhanced features that can be passed off without anyone even knowing. (P.s A big thanks to Kate Somerville's face for modelling product application placement).


  1. I think i need that sculpting powder in my life!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. Hey, the kids and myself have loved watching u and seeing your lovely new home, olly asked when he going to c u next awww!!! Miss u, love u xx

  3. Ah thanks for watching! Bless him, tell him I'll see him soon! Love you and miss you too X

  4. I've got a feeling it'd be something you'd LOVE Jasmine :-)

  5. I've always wanted to try the Kevin Aucoin Skin enhancer. I've always heard such amazing things about it. Definitely need to add to my list of things to buy.

  6. Cool vlog Jess. Something tells me missing Radio1 roadshow won't be so bad, looks like you have a fab 2015 ahead in that lovely place! x

  7. It's pretty amazing stuff - get it on that wish list of yours Laura ;-)

  8. Ah thanks for watching Heidi! I guess that's the way I've got to look at it, eh? :-)

  9. Really good to see you back with regular posts! Any news on beauty work out there? Enjoying my blog even tho it's hard work, always learning & improving along the journey xx

  10. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk is my most recent addition to my makeup collection and I love it! I wear it basically every day now!! Really want to try the Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder!

    Jasmine xxx


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