8 January 2015

The Daily Brush Pot

Downsizing my brush pot to the daily essentials was something that happened without intention; the not-so-often-used gradually relocated to the drawer one by one to open up space for a selection a little less cluttered, and I've been left to work with the same handful ever since. Things are kept pretty low-key, but each of the below serve their purpose and come together to make up my face day-to-day, from base, to cheeks, to eyes - it's time to meet my most used brushes...

The Buffer: Bobbi Brown Face Blender - As the newest to my tools, this currently gets the most use for foundation application. With a cream handle and black ferrule, it's beautiful enough to sit in my pot alone for me to eye up - its soft bristles and slightly dense, slightly fluffy head are really meant to pair up with either a Bobbi Shimmer Brick, blush or bronzer, but for buffing in base duties, it delivers a finish that's all kinds of flawless. 

The Back-Up Buffer: Real Techniques Expert Face - Because brush laundry doesn't happen as regularly as it should do (for me anyway), so a clean back up buffer is always necessary. I deem this the multi-tasking tool of all multi-tasking tools; wide and ultra-firm, it's got the knack of picking up and applying your product in all the right places, and the results are dreamy - basically it does the work for you, be it base, concealer, blush, bronzer or powder.

The Cheek Contour: Real Techniques Contour Brush - One of four members to make up the RT Core Collection, the Contour Brush is your cheeks' BBF. Staged in size bristles-wise to create a shape that's domed, it fits snug under the cheekbone to help chisel out definition, dusts a little highlight on top, or applies colour straight to your apples. 

The Shadow Blender: NARS Eyeshadow Brush - When it comes to eyeshadow, a quick sweeping is all that's done daily and this travel friendly, short-handled version deposits the perfect amount of powder for an all-over-wash whilst blending out harsh edges for a seamless crease.  

The Back-Up Shadow Blender: MAC 217  - Same goes for eye brushes, and a clean back up will always come in handy, to clean things up, blend things out, or if something a little smokier is on the cards, a shape that's slightly more tapered makes socket-sweeping a breeze as well as bringing a whole lot of definition. 

The Finishing Touch-er: MAC 150 - For bronzers/setting powders/etc that come in as a last step, I reach for this fluffy, slightly fanned number to dust all areas. Whether it's loose or pressed that is your preferred powder formula, it works with either/or to provide a veil that minimises shine without the cakey-ness. 

The Must-Have Tool: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler Best. Lash. Curler. Ever. Need I say more?


  1. HelloJessica.It isa nice blgpost.I havenever try real T. brushes but after your post i think i wiil do.Kissesfroma Greek Youtuber-Blogger... :)

  2. You have some lovely brushes! The pot you have it in is so gorgeous!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. Ah thanks Angie! The RT brushes are amazing, you MUST try ;-)

  4. Ah thanks Jasmine - recycled Diptyque candles are the way forward ;-)

  5. Thanks Laura! It's a fab brush :-)

  6. I don't actually rate the Expert Face Brush for foundation - I find it a bit too dense unless I'm using a cream foundation, much prefer the Buffing Brush for liquid! But LOVE the Contour Brush :) always use that one

    Kat x


  7. I love the real technique contour brush, one of my favourite purchases from their line!

  8. Ah each to their own I guess ;-) I'm currently eyeing-up the new RT Bold Metal range *drrrrools*

  9. Agreed! Well worth buying the whole Core Collection for ;-)


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