23 January 2015

Send Me Your Questions #AskJessica

One comment back in Sunday's episode of The Week suggesting that I maybe put a Q&A session together for the chance to answer your burning questions on all things moving abroad, life in Turkey, anything, made me think that it's about time I should probably jump on the question answering bandwagon which too meant my video idea for next Thursday  was sorted. Whatever the question, be it beauty or life, send them in my direction over on Twitter @JessBeautician using the hashtag #AskJessica to ensure I can answer as many as I can. If Twitter isn't for you, leave your question in the comments below and I'll try my best to get those added in somewhere along the line. You know what to do - ask away...


  1. I don't even understand what angle he is holding the camera over the drop! looks like he flying over it?! I'm not scared of heights but that is pretty impressive.
    Love the vlogs, please keep them coming. I would also love a flat tour as your new place looks lovely!

  2. Haha, I know right?! There was a viewing point going out over it, so he was leaning over that - rather him than me ;-) Ah thanks so much for watching Jessica!


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