28 January 2015

Recommended to a Friend

A post of this kind has been a while in the works, but seeing as one of my nearest, dearest best friends is today celebrating her birthday, I figured a post addressing the beauty bits we have a mutual love for would fit today's schedule bill quite nicely. Out of my gal group, she shares the same passion for all things makeup and skincare as I do, and has always headed my way for a beauty-related recommendation. A standard night in for us is usually committed to a bottle of white, whilst we chat all things beauty and boys (of the One Direction kind), but for now, I'll spare you our boyband devotion to talk about what you can find within both of our cosmetic collections...

I don't remember a time where we haven't met up without having a good mooch around Boots - perusing the drugstore isles for what's recently landed on the shelves is what we do best. Although her Real Technique's brush collection puts my five-piece to shame, she was missing what I deem the best from the bunch, the Expert Face Brush. After numerous 'you need' nags, she picked it up and we now always mull over how our makeup routines just wouldn't suffice with out it - case in point, she once left it behind at mine and after weeks until they could be reunited, she declared she never wanted to be parted from it again (I feel her pain). When it comes to bases, we both have the same feelings for Bourjois' offerings, their CC Cream and Happy Light ticking all the dewy, glowy and fresh, second-skin-like boxes and for us both, make up our daily face on a regular basis. When I discovered my love for the YSL Touch Eclat Foundation, it wasn't long before I nudged her in its direction and needless to say, she finished her bottle before I could mine.  

Our shopping stints in London are basically just a trek around every beauty store and haul in sight, and so following a sample swipe of my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, we went to hunt down the hard-to-find shade Vanilla that turned out to be as perfect of a match for her as it is me. Her thoughts on that concealer in two words? ''Best. Ever.''. Primer wise, neither of us rely on them regularly, but for special occasions, they come out of the drawer and so for an upcoming wedding, she asked if I had any suggestions. It's not a product I've widely tried and tested, but she listened, trusted and purchased the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer when we last hit up Space NK. As neutral lid, and lip, lovers, she picked up Urban Decay's original offering from the NAKED line after I'd pushed that it comes out top of the three, and I'm constantly in awe of the combos she musters up, one being Naked washed all over the lid with Buck through the crease - against bluey-green eyes, it looks just lovely. For a non-gloopy, but all kinds of glossy lip, she took my word on the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector's and lets just say her shade selection is rapidly growing. What a babe. 

Case, this one's for you and I wish you the happiest of Birthday's. Not only are you one of the loveliest, most hilarious people in my life, I know I'll never bore you with my beauty talk since you're just as obsessed, and I couldn't think of anyone better to have an entire Skype conversation about spots with (show and tell and all). Yes, really.


  1. It's a beautiful post and it's so nice to see a frendship celebrated via love of make up!

  2. This was great. I loved reading this. It's nice to have friends that share the same interest of beauty as you do!


  3. This is a great post! I completely agree with the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - I don't know what I did without it.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  4. My sister have the same relationship when it comes to makeup! She also encouraged me to buy the Naked Basics palette and I love it!!
    -Chelsey // AndEverythingNice

  5. Ah what an enabler ;-) I love the Naked Basics palette too - perfect for a simple smoky eye!

  6. Ah thanks for reading! She's definitely my best makeup buddy :-)

  7. Ah thanks for reading Jay! It sure is :-)

  8. Thanks Antonia! Me either - couldn't be without it now ;-)


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