7 January 2015

New Year, New Changes

Ah January, the time of year that resolutions are made, and then broken by many not long after the end of the month *raises hand*. Last year, as one of three of my assertions, I vowed to churn out content everyday, but trying to juggle running my own business as well as getting daily posts out there was never going to happen (FYI, the once-weekly brush laundry pledge-to-self also never happened). Things did get off to a good start, but expanding the 2014 section of my blogpost archives, seeing the post numbers decrease as the months went on does make me chuckle. With that said...

...A new year wouldn't be a new year without some kind of resolution and mine are coming in the way of a few tweaks here, on the blog, and there, on my YouTube channel - nothing set in stone, lets just call it a little schedule that I'll try my best to stick to. Now that I've got a little more free time to play about with, here's what's going down: A fresh blog post will be served up at 7am GMT daily, a new beauty related video will be delivered to your subscription boxes on a Tuesday and Thursday, and Sundays will be topped off with a new instalment of The Week. For those of you who still haven't caught on, I'm now living abroad (you can catch up here) and I'm smushing together part of my week, every week for you to keep up with me on my journey. There will be brain fart moments along the way, I know that - I'm prepared as I can be with my penned out roster that is currently building up within my Moleskine, but recommendations and all things that you'd like to see are always welcome to fill in the blank times.

If I achieve even half of said intention, I'll be awarding myself with a big fat pat on the back as of this time next year. Here's to 2015!


  1. I'm so excited for this Jessica!! I loved your gorgeous vlog you posted not so long ago - I look forward to more. Plus the idea daily blogging is super exciting to me!

  2. Happy New Year to you too Divya! :-) X

  3. Ah thanks so much for reading/watching Anna - Happy New Year to you :-) X


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