25 January 2015

My Weekend Makeup #2

You know the weekend makeup drill by now, only because it's much akin to what I put together during the week, though maybe a touch less so; a second-skin finish, a swipe of colour on the cheeks and barely there lids and lips. There's been a certain group of products I've found myself revisiting over recent weeks for Saturday and/or Sunday day outings (even if it only gets as exciting as the weekly food shop) and although it takes seven products to come into play, my standard weekend face doesn't get much more simple than this...

For a barely-there base that's fresh and dewy, I've been reaching for Erborian's BB Creme. The shade Dore is a touch too dark too dark for my winter paleness, but with plenty of buffing, it blends in seamlessly for a sheer, natural finish, yet with still enough coverage, whatever-the-weekend plans. A sweep of Burberry's Light Glow Blush in Tangerine has been serving up something peachy for my cheeks, this number in particular with a slight brightening effect to its formula to give me a healthy appearance (even if I'm not feeling so). 

Eye wise, I've been pairing the Clarins Instant Light Perfecting Base with their Ombre Matte Shadow in Rosewood; a one-wash-wonder cool-toned brown, which looks lovely against blue/green eyes, and whilst the primer prevents it from creases, it also brightens the entire eye area. To add to that, I've been running a kohl that's flesh-toned and
awakening,something along the lines of Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-on Pencil in Midnight. I've been reaching for lashings of my standard Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof, but opposed to my usual black offering, this one has a hint of brown thrown into the mix and was handed down to me by my best mate Case after realising she'd picked up the wrong shade. I'll be sticking to the normal for future purchases, but for now, it's more of toned-down option for a casual weekend day face. Tying in well with the cool coloured shadow is MAC Lipstick in Angel - it wears better when dabbed on and patted in for a slight hint of glossy pink.

Side note: This really is if I even venture out of the flat. If I can't make it that far, you can find me in full face mask form, hair pineapple-style with not a scrap of makeup in sight.  And that's probably a more reoccurring scenario than said above...


  1. This is a lovely fresh and natural look :) I particularly love how the Burberry blush looks. A lot of my blushers are quite shimmery and bright, I need some more soft looking ones like that (maybe something a bit more affordable though lol)


  2. I have the Erborian BB Crème Light and really like it! I don't know how it compares with the Ginseng formula one, but when I bought mine this Light formula didn't have any choice of colour. I think it is a tad pale for me, but with blusher it's all good!


  3. The Burberry blush is such a stunning, natural shade!


  4. That MAC lipstick looks like the perfect nude shade for me.

    xx Hannah


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