28 January 2015

Moving Abroad Beauty Haul

In the lead up to my big move abroad, I got prepared knowing that a lot of my best-loved beauty products were going to be a bit harder to track down on my new home side of the globe #FirstWorldProblems - and so over a period of three visits, I'd been stocking up, bringing over and stashing away my products to last me out until I make my next UK visit. Last month, before I headed over on a one-way ticket, I went to town even more so with my backups in the way of a rather large Space NK online order, a trip or two to Boots and well, maybe just a little bit more online shopping...



  1. Your lucky your going to be near a sephora

    Danielle Mac

  2. I adore oskia products, I haven't tried the exfoliating balm, but my skin doesn't do so well with manual exfoliants. Have you tried the bedtime beauty boost? It's also lovely :-)

  3. I've found at least 2 so far - I guess I shouldn't complain ;-)

  4. Ah thanks so much for watching Tima! :-)

  5. Jesse you must have spent hundreds on beauty products before you went to Turkey!!


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